Brandon Vasquez

Photo of Brandon VasquezAssistant Professor, Status Only
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Clinical Neuropsychologist
Baycrest Health Sciences, Neuropsychology & Cognitive Health


Website: Baycrest Clinical Services, Neuropsychology & Cognitive Health



Brandon Vasquez received his PhD from the University of Toronto and is a registered neuropsychologist at Baycrest Health Sciences. He specializes in memory intervention for individuals with moderate-to-severe memory impairment due to acquired brain injury. The intervention program (Memory Link) trains clients to use commercial technology (e.g. smartphones) as assistive devices to improve their functional memory. His research is motivated by the potential for real world application and is informed by clinical practice within the area of memory rehabilitation.

Dr. Vasquez’s current projects have three areas of focus: 1) examining the learning process of skill acquisition during memory training and predictors of training success, 2) the development and testing of a smartphone application to assist with skill acquisition in memory training and potentially accelerate the rate of learning, and 3) the accurate assessment of intervention outcome following training with regard to daily functioning (e.g. occupational engagement, community participation, and self-care).

School of Graduate Studies

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Research Keywords

Acquired Brain Injury; Memory Intervention; Assistive Technology for Cognition