Clinical Partners

Fieldwork placements provided by our clinical partners provide students with the opportunity to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge and to develop professional behaviours and skills.  We thank the facilities, the fieldwork coordinators, and the preceptors who work with the University to provide these essential and exciting clinical learning opportunities for our students.

Note Regarding Students from Other Universities 

If you get a call or email from a student from another university requesting a placement at your facility, you should direct them back to their university to speak with their Fieldwork Coordinator. National and international out-of-catchment placements must be arranged through the Fieldwork Coordinator at the students’ university. OT students have been instructed by all Canadian university Fieldwork Coordinators that they are not to contact facilities directly to arrange their own placements. Please review the CAOT’s Fieldwork opportunities for occupational therapy students studying outside Canada to learn more about the process.

Resources for Clinical Partners

Current fieldwork schedule
Preceptor resources and educational materials
The OS&OT Fieldwork Manual contains information on all aspects of the fieldwork program, including placement processes, guidelines, forms, and resources.