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At times, students may require Special Considerations for evaluations due to illness or personal circumstance.

*NEW* Special Considerations Forms by Campus Assignment

UTM Campus Special Considerations Form
UTSG Campus Special Considerations Form

You can view the new process on the Special Considerations Forms page. This new process aims to streamline the submission and review process, ensuring that your requests are addressed promptly and efficiently. To view the full process,

Accessibility Accommodations

For accessibility needs, please first register with Accessibility Services at your campus site, as you must provide supporting documentation from Accessibility Services that specifically outlines the requested accommodation. If your accessibility needs are known in advance of the term start date, it is strongly recommended that students register with Accessibility Services well in advance to avoid delays in the implementation of accommodations. This is of particular importance for those with test and exam accommodations. 

Mississauga Accessibility Services Registration
St. George Accessibility Services Registration

Illness and Injury Verification Form (medical note) [PDF] To be filled out by a certified medical practitioner in case of illness of injury. In the past, this was casually referred to as a “Doctor’s note”. This all-inclusive University of Toronto form has replaced the traditional “Doctor’s Note” that you may have used in the past.

**NEW**Non-Disclosure Form [PDF] To be used when writing an exam or test at a date earlier or later than originally scheduled (e.g., due to illness on exam day). Students must agree to keep the content of their exam confidential in order to preserve academic integrity

Fieldwork Placement Forms

Transcripts and Confirmation of Registration

Transcript Request [LINK] Transcripts of your performance in the MScOT program may be ordered via the U of T Transcript Centre

Confirmation of Registration Letters and other SGS Forms [LINK] For government, banks, businesses (e.g. landlord corporations) and insurance purposes, the School of Graduate Studies provides a reasonably limited number of complimentary letters on official letterhead. These are typically ready within 1-5 days of ordering.