Leadership Skills Development for Occupational Therapists

Photo of Andrea Duncan

Professor Andrea Duncan, MOOC Instructor

The Leadership Skills Development MOOC for Occupational Therapists is designed to help OTs feel more comfortable with their leadership journey. By going through this course, you will gain insights into your leadership potential and unique perspective of leadership from an OT lens. We will strive to move away from the cookie-cutter view of leadership and challenge ourselves to embrace that everyone has their own unique leadership qualities and abilities.

There are four modules in this course. Module 1 helps to orient and provide a foundation pertaining to what leadership is. Module 2 aims to answer the question ‘what does leadership look like?’ Module 3 taps into your own self-awareness and reflection as a leader, looking at the different leadership styles, your core values, and how our profile of being an OT relates to leadership. Lastly, Module 4 brings everything together in terms of what leadership means for OTs and how we can apply it. These four modules will be intertwined with various learning activities in order to enhance your learning experience, such as interviews from the field, class discussions, peer feedback, and interactive activities.

This course can be audited free of charge and is also available for a small fee, which includes unlimited access to course materials, graded assignments and exams, and a certificate upon completion.

Enroll now to start the 5-week course beginning August 30, 2022.