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OT Alumni Network

Inaugural OT Alumni Network Event

Thank you to all who joined us on December 9 at the inaugural OT Alumni Network Event, where we introduced our new OT Alumni Network, introduced Dr. Mary Forhan (BScOT ’90), the new Chair of U of T’s Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, and heard remarks from the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award recipients — Donna Drynan (BScOT ’85), Sari Grossinger (BScOT ’90) and Janet Woodhouse (BScOT ’80).
Photo of Donna Drynan

Donna Drynan, BScOT ’85

Photo of Sari Grossinger

Sari Grossinger, BScOT ’90

Photo of Janet Woodhouse

Janet Woodhouse, BScOT ’80

Photo of Mary Forhan

Mary Forhan, BScOT ’90

A link to a recording of the event will be shared as soon as possible with all registrants and attendees for future viewing.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Reed at

Alumni Achievement Award

Thank you for nominating a graduate of the University of Toronto occupational therapy program for the annual Alumni Achievement Award. Nominations are now closed.

Nominations are based on evidence of the nominee’s outstanding achievements in one or more of the following categories:


  • Innovation in teaching methods that improve learning or practice outcomes
  • Development of new opportunities for student occupational therapy fieldwork education
  • Development of high impact educational programming for student, public, professional or policy audiences


  • Exemplary occupational therapy practice, consultation, or mentorship
  • Development of novel occupational therapy, interdisciplinary or community-based programs, interventions or guidelines that improve patient, client, population, or societal outcomes


  • Research that advances occupational therapy theory, practice or service delivery
  • Publications that advance occupational therapy and science (research articles, professional magazines, books, etc.)
  • Knowledge translation to practice or policy that advances health and wellbeing through occupation


  • Leadership in occupational therapy, interdisciplinary or public service organizations
  • Contributions to provincial or national professional, health or social policy development


  • An area of achievement not covered in the above categories
  • Advancing the ‘public good’ through a commodity or service made available to a patient population, consumer groups, a public agency, or the public at large
Thank you for contributing to this process and for celebrating the achievements of University of Toronto Occupational Therapy graduates. We  look forward to celebrating this year’s winner with you.

Past Recipients

Year Alum
2020 Isabel Fryszberg
2019 Louise Burridge
2018 Liz Townsend
2017 Sharon Brintnell
2016 Dorcas Beaton
2015 Lynn Cockburn
2014 Beverlea Tallant
2013 Bonnie Kirsh
2012 Christie Brenchley
2011 Debra Anne Stewart
2010 Angela Colantonio
2009 Anne Agur
2008 Barbara Quinn
2007 Barbara Cooper
2006 Joanne Valliant Cook
2005 Wendy Campbell
2004 Pearl Gryfe
2003 Marilyn Ernst Conibear
2002 Marg Young
2001 Judy Friedland
2000 Pat Fisher
1999 Isobel Robinson
1998 Ann Strickland
1997 Thelma Cardwell
1996 Karen Goldenberg