Services at 500 University (St. George) and the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex (Mississauga)


Building Access 


After business hours you will be required to use your security FOB key after approximately 6:00PM during weekdays, all day weekends and holidays in order to gain access into these buildings, and/or elevators. For security purposes, please do not prop open the stairwell doors. After hours, if you have a safety concern, immediately contact Campus Police, or in an emergency (anytime) call 911.


Cafeteria (500 University only)


The Alumni Café, made possible through the generosity of the OT/PT Alumni Association and its members, is located on the main floor.


Computer Lab / Quiet Study Room (500 University only)


Established in 2019, this smaller computer lab is now combined with a quiet study space (i.e., no talking or group meetings) in Room 250. This space is shared with all Rehabilitation Sciences programs.


Student Lounge and Quiet Study Space


Located on the 2nd  floor of 500 University Avenue, and the 2nd floor of the Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, the Student Lounge and Quiet Study Space are made available 24/7 to all rehabilitation sciences students.


Rooms and Seating Capacity


Students are not permitted to enter any classroom in the building outside of normal class times, unless you have prior permission from the Department’s Receptionist/Faculty Support desk, Program Manager, or Business Manager. This can be made in person on the 9th floor of 500 University, 2nd floor of the TDHSC (UTM) or via email at Study rooms can be entered outside of classroom hours, though priority goes to the person who booked the room in advance. Reservations are posted at the beginning of each week outside of each room.

Fire Emergency Procedures (St. George and Mississauga and Mobility Impaired Persons)
Please note the instructions specific for St. George, and following that, Mississauga, below:


When you hear the fire alarm:

  • Evacuate the building via the nearest exit.
  • Do NOT use elevators.
  • Keep clear of the building to permit emergency access.
  • Do not re-enter until authorized by Fire Officer.


  • It is MANDATORY for University buildings to be evacuated during any fire alarm.
  • Report all fires, no matter how small, to the University Emergency Control Centre, Local 416-978-2222.
  • Report the smell of smoke of undetermined origin to the University Emergency Control Centre, Local 416-978-2222.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely.
    Familiarize yourself with the location of fire exits and fire extinguishers in your area.



Upon Discovery of Fire

  1. Leave the fire area immediately; proceed to the nearest exit and meet in designated safe area.
  2. Activate the fire alarm system by pulling a manual pull station and provide assistance to those who need help to evacuate.
  3. Close all doors behind you.
  4. Call the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (Dial 9-911) from a safe place (never assume this has been done). Know and give the correct address and location of the fire in the building.
  5. Do not return until the Chief Fire Official has declared the situation safe.

Upon Hearing an Alarm Signal or Being Made Aware of a Fire

  1. Proceed to the nearest exit. Assist occupants to evacuate the building.
  2. If doors are encountered on the way to an exit, feel the knob for heat before opening the door. If it is not hot, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly. If you feel air pressure or a hot draft, close the door quickly and proceed to an alternate exit.
  3. If you encounter smoke, consider using an alternate exit.
  4. DO NOT RETURN until the Chief Fire Official has declared the situation safe

If You Become Trapped

  1. If in a room, attempt to keep smoke from entering the room.
  2. Use duct tape (if available) to seal cracks around doors. Place a towel or piece of clothing, preferably wet, at the bottom of the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  3. Keep low to the floor where the air is cleaner.
  4. Attempt to contact authorities to advise them of your location. Dial 9-911, then, if possible, signal to the firefighters.

General Occupants are advised to:

  1. Be fully acquainted with the fire protection installations that are provided for your safety.
  2. Contact your supervisory staff should you have questions regarding fire emergency procedures.
  3. Know the building address – 3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Ontario.