Tuition, Incidental and Ancillary Fees



Fees for the current year will be posted by the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.  Although the deadlines are fairly similar from year-to-year, for specific deadline dates (for payment of fees or fee deferral, final registration, first assessment of interest charges, etc.) and other related information such as refund schedules, students should refer to the School of Graduate Studies. Please note that amounts are posted here as a courtesy and that this is not an official source for tuition and fee information. Amounts posted are approximate and subject to change.


The University of Toronto will not mail fee invoices to students. You are informed of fees payable by way of ACORN. Simply view your account in invoice format on the ACORN, which lists every transaction posted to your account. All students are expected to view their account on ACORN to monitor all account activity.


MScOT Year 1 tuition (approximate) is comprised of the following:


1. Academic Fees 2023-24 for Domestic Students: $10,550.00


This applies to both Mississauga and St. George campus students.


Charges for an academic program; may be assessed by course or by program. There is a domestic and an international rate (NOTE: as of 2013, the Department does not enroll international students who do not qualify for an International Fee Exemption).


MScOT students do not pay fees per individual course, but rather a program fee which covers the entire first year of the program (three terms). The following academic year, a program fee covers the entire second year of the program (three terms).  When the annual program fee is posted to your student account in ACORN, it will be posted partially under the Fall session, partially under the Winter session, and no fees will be posted to the Summer session.  Students are allowed to register as long as they pay or successful defer the minimum fee as indicated on the invoice.


2. Approximate Incidental Fees 2023-24 for Domestic Students:


St. George ~$2000.00


Mississauga ~$2500.00


Consists of campus and student society fees: mandatory charges for campus organizations and services.


a.) Charges for membership in student societies.  All students are members of various student societies as determined by their program of study and full-time or part-time status, i.e., GSU, GSU-health insurance, UTMAGS.

b.) Fees charged to members of a specific college, faculty or program, i.e., OT Students Council. For UTM students only, U-Pass (Shuttle bus) service fees are included.

c.) Please note, Athletic Centre fees are not included for the Summer term (i.e. must be purchased separately, directly from the Athletic Centre)


3. Ancillary Fees 2023-24 for Domestic Students: $97.92


Charges related to OT Fieldwork badge, Lab Tool Fee, Publications, and Mask Fit Testing Fee


More About Ancillary Fees


The Office of Vice-Provost, Planning & Budget is responsible for the University’s Schedule of Tuition Fees, as well as the Schedule of Ancillary Fees.  The Vice-Provost’s administrative interpretation of the Policy on Ancillary Fees is listed (in part) below.


Fees in Category 5.0 (below) are charged to all students in a particular group because they will each receive the item and/or service in question (i.e., the OT Fieldwork Manual or the COTO Prep Modules).


Fees in Category 6.0 (below) are charged only to the one particular student who is receiving the item and/or service in question as it is something that is specific to them that will not be received by all students.


Category 5.0 – Cost Recoveries



Divisions, under this section of the Policy on Ancillary Fees, may charge students for the reasonable cost of the provision of certain learning materials and services. As a matter of principle, the University through its operating budget will be responsible for the delivery of an academic program, while the student will be expected to purchase the requisite materials prescribed for the program.


Eligible Cost Recoveries


The following groups of cost recovery fees will be permissible under the provisions of the Policy:


5.1 (Publications, case studies, laboratory manuals), 5.2 (Field Trips), 5.3 (Clothing), 5.4 (Equipment purchases that become the property of the student), 5.5 (Equipment rentals that, for the period of rental, come into the individual possession of the student), 5.6 (Other goods and services provided individually to students for their exclusive use), and 5.7 (Materials, services, or licenses where the university acts as a broker with a vendor for the student).


In determining the appropriate cost recovery for fees in this category, divisions may include the direct cost of supplies, a reasonable estimate of labour charges, and a provision for photocopy equipment utilization, either rental charges or capital depreciation.


Category 5.1







Category 5.4


OS&OT Lab Tool Fee (Year 1 only)





Category 5.6


Medicine-OT-Fieldwork Badge (Year 1 only)





Mask Fit Testing




Electronic Student Permit Check; The MScOT program has also engaged with Synergy Gateway, to ensure that all remaining components are collected and reviewed, including health record checks and proof of CPR certification.  Synergy Gateway has provided the program with access to Verified – a documentation collection, verification and reporting partner application.


$47.00 +  HST, see chart below for additional fees for certain circumstances



Category 6.0 – Administrative User Fees and Fines



The University Policy on Ancillary Fees established a formal schedule of user fees and fines which may be charged by divisions for the provision of certain services to students. With the single exception of placement fees, these charges are not compulsory — they are paid only by those students who make use of a particular service, at the time they make use of that service.


The fees and fines are established with reference to the cost of providing a particular service, or a reasonable estimate thereof.


Schedule of Administrative User Fees and Fines (approximate – subject to change)


6.1 Registration Fees


Late Registration


$44.00 plus $5/day


6.2 Records and Documents


Official Transcript




Photocopies of Student Records




Letter of Confirmation (SGS)


$Free as of 2017 (basic)


Licensing Fees (Occupational Therapy) Simple Confirmation




Course Documentation




Field Work Documentation




Course & Fieldwork Documentation




6.3 Examination and Grades


Petition to re-read examination


$36.00 (Refundable if the grade is changed in the student’s favour)


Special Examination


$70.00 (Written, oral, practical and clinical. May include, but is not limited to, supplemental or deferral exams.)


6.4 Placement Fees


Fieldwork Placement (Occupational Therapy) for:


International Placements




National Placements




Mask Fit Testing* (Year 1 or re-testing if required in future) – students will be required to pay for this separately (i.e., no longer included on invoiced U of T academic fees on ACORN) starting Fall 2021; the Department will arrange for a vendor with a volume discount to come to our campus sites that meets the on-site Mask Fit specifications required for our Fieldwork sites. The approximate cost of this should be budgeted by incoming students (effective Fall 2021, this will be moved out of category 5.1 and into category 5.7 and 6.4) and will be payable to the vendor following the completion of an on-site Mask Fit Test.


$38.00 + HST*


6.5 Library Fines


Lost book and/or Accompanying Materials




6.6 Any Other Administrative User Fee or Fine Shown on the University Schedule of Administrative User Fees and Fines


Replacement of Student/Library Card




Replacement of Building Electronic Key (“FOB”)