Adjunct Lecturer Appointments

Initial Appointment Application 2023-24

The application website will be open in early 2024. 

Eligibility Criteria

Adjunct lecturer appointments are available to individuals who have expertise or learning that is of value to the department. This category includes those contributing to the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector’s academic mission who are employed in private clinics and affiliated sites.

To apply for an initial adjunct lecturer appointments, visit Rehabilitation Sciences Sector, Adjunct Lecturer

Review the Rehab Sector status only and adjunct lecturer guidelines to identify affiliated sites and for full details.

Appointment Renewal 2023-24

All current status-only and adjunct lecturers will receive an e-mail from the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector notifying you of the yearly Appointment Renewal in early 2023. The email will contain a link to the activity report form and will request that you complete and submit your activity report for re-appointment by the deadline (date tbd) if you intend to renew your appointment.

All appointees must renew their appointments yearly by completing the annual activity report. Any appointments not renewed within the above period will expire on June 30, at the end of the current appointment. If you wish to resign your appointment, please complete the yearly renewal activity report and check resign.

If you change your place of employment during your yearly appointment or have any questions about initial applications or appointment renewals, please contact Annmarie Riley in the Rehab Sciences Sector Office at or Prof. Anne Hunt at

All appointments are managed by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine through the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector. The academic goals of the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector cannot be met without the participation of talented individuals from many organizations and agencies outside of the university. The aim of Status-only and Adjunct Lecturer appointments is to recognize the participation of highly qualified and dedicated practitioners, researchers, and members of the community in the academic and practical education components of the programs. These appointees augment the efforts and expertise of the departmental faculty.

The Rehabilitation Sciences Sector seeks appointees who:
  • maintain a high level of expertise and competence in their disciplines;
  • are skilled at communicating expertise to members of their respective disciplines and the broader health care community;
  • can stimulate, challenge and develop the scholarly and practical capacity of students; and,
  • contribute to the growth of the discipline by building the body of knowledge or advancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of practice.


If you are interested in a status only or adjunct professorial appointment, check here.