Barry Trentham

Adjunct Professor
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


My research examines the intersections that link the social determinants of healthy aging, equity, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and community participation and engagement. Questions are framed within an understanding of occupational transitions across the life course and examined primarily through critical qualitative methodologies including narrative, arts-informed life histories, and participatory methods. My research aims to better understand the factors and processes that shape participation in home, higher education and community life. Examples of recent and ongoing research projects include, senior citizenship and ageism; student engagement in peer cross-cultural learning; and occupational life narratives of later life course transitions.

Cross Appointments

Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

Research Keywords

Occupational perspectives on the social determinants of healthy aging; equity, diversity and inclusion perspectives in healthcare practice and education; community health care practice contexts; enabling senior citizenship with older adults; narrative and participatory approaches to occupational performance assessment, enablement and research.