Grant Registration

All faculty who are submitting a grant or personal/career award that will be administered through the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy  are required to complete the both the OS&OT Grant Intent to Apply and Submission forms.

This process will ensure enough time is allocated to review and sign off on upcoming grants once submitted through the My Research system – My Research Applications & Agreements (MRA).  It will also allow us to track grant activity more efficiently in the Department.

This process applies to all grants that are external to the University, and external to the Department but internal to the University.

Grant Submission Steps

  1. Complete the OS&OT Grant Intent to Apply Form at least two (2) months in advance of the grant deadline;
  2. If applicable, submit a full draft of your grant application through MRA one (1) week prior to the grant deadline, or university submission deadline. You will sign in using your UTORid credentials;
  3. Complete the OS&OT Grant Submission Form at least one (1) week prior to the grant deadline, or university submission deadline.
You may see this Microsoft sign in screen after clicking on the link. Please insert your utoronto e-mail address in the sign in box, and you will be redirected to the U of T single sign on page. Then:
Complete the Intent to Apply form
Complete the Submission form

Additional Considerations

  • Completion of the OS&OT Grant Intent to Apply form the OS&OT Grant Submission form, and submission of the completed grant through MRA (when applicable) are mandatory steps for all grants. Please complete these steps within the timeframe indicated above. If you are unable to meet these deadlines, contact the Research Services Coordinator  as soon as possible. However, the University requires the MRA submission to occur at least 48 hours prior to submission deadline.
  • We strongly recommend that all grants undergo a scientific review prior to submission from an individual who is outside of the investigative team.
  • Contact Dayna if you’re unsure whether your grant is submitted to MRA.
  • We also recommend that all grants undergo an editorial review prior to submission. The person who carries out the scientific review can also complete the editorial review. Editorial grant reviews are being offered by the Faculty of Medicine. Contact Golnaz Farhat (, Grants and Awards Editor, for further information. NOTE: they prioritize CIHR, CFI, and CRC grants but will review others if time allows.

Funding Decisions

Please forward funding decision notification to the Research Services Coordinator upon receipt.


Please  contact Dayna Frydman, Research Services Coordinator at if you have any questions about this process.