Convocation and Beyond

Graduation Eligibility Notification

Students who are eligible to graduate will receive a notification from SGS or the Office of Convocation approximately mid-October, which will confirm the student’s eligibility to graduate and the degree to be conferred.  The notification will direct the student to the website of the office of convocation for all procedural details.


Office of Convocation

The Convocation website includes a guide for graduation which provides further information about the items listed below. The details below remain fairly consistent from year-to-year; however graduating students must review updates prior to their own convocation. The onus is on the student to ensure that they do not miss any critical deadlines; doing so could jeopardize the student’s attendance at their own convocation.


Information on the website includes:

  • Schedule: Generally the OS&OT students’ Convocation Ceremony is held in the evening of the Wednesday of the Fall convocation week in early-to-mid-November.
  • RSVP & ticket request: The student will be required to complete a RSVP and Ticket Request Form if he/she wishes to attend the convocation ceremony. Deadline dates are critical. Replies must be submitted before the deadlines posted on the website to ensure the student’s participation in the ceremony, as well as ensuring they will be allowed tickets for their guests.  There is a very short time to RSVP and request tickets, generally one week in late October – early November. Details for how and when to pick up tickets are available on the website.
  • Extra tickets: If tickets become available because members of the graduating class are not attending their convocation, students may be able to obtain one extra ticket on certain dates.  Tickets are released on a first-come first-served basis and must be picked up.
  • Rental of academic costume (hood and gown): Online ordering system.
  • Ceremony information: Details such as where and when to report.
  • How to obtain diploma: If not attending convocation ceremony.
  • Name on diploma: Your name as it appears in the University’s official student records is the name that will appear on your diploma. Any name changes must be dealt with in the usual fashion through the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Graduation timelines and checklist: Helpful tool to ensure the student doesn’t miss any required steps.


Convocation Reception

Each year the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy organizes a reception for the MScOT graduates and their families, and all those from the university who have made a contribution towards this goal.  The ceremony is generally held in the afternoon of the day of the OT Convocation Ceremony. Convocation awards are presented and several brief addresses will be made, including the traditional speech by the class valedictorian chosen by his/her classmates.