Susan Hannah

Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Room 912
(416) 978-2679


Susan Hannah graduated with a BSc (OT) and a Master of Education from the University of Toronto.  She has been a Certified Hand Therapist since 1995 and is the current Vice-President of the Canadian Society of Hand Therapists. For 30 years, Susan has been involved with student education as a mentor, supervisor, lecturer and student placement coordinator.  Susan’s clinical practice has been in rheumatology, the NICU, work disability and hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, in both hospital and private practice environments.  She has presented at multiple national and international forums in addition to volunteering in clinical education development in Haiti and Ukraine.  Her published work is eclectic, ranging from a randomized controlled trial about trigger finger treatment to psychosocial issues after a traumatic upper extremity injury.  The major tenet of Susan’s clinical practice, research and educational endeavours is the importance of addressing both physical and psychosocial issues after injury when facilitating a return to meaningful occupations.

School of Graduate Studies

Associate Member (Restricted)

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Research/Teaching Keywords

Hand Therapy, , Psychosocial Issues after Trauma, Collaborative Practice