Interested in Being a Mentor?

Join us as an OT mentor and make a lasting impact on future Occupational Therapists!

Photo of adults working at a table with a woman writing on a whiteboardQ: What is the OCT 1190Y Mentorship course?

A: Mentorship and Interprofessional Education (IPE) (OCT1190Y) is a 2-year, 6-term course. As a mentor, you’ll work with a small group of students to enhance their communication and reflective practice skills while supporting their professional growth in a collaborative learning environment. You’ll play a crucial role by facilitating a space for students to examine and improve their attitudes, behaviours, and skills, contributing to their growth as future occupational therapists.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a mentor?

A: The mentorship program offers a rewarding opportunity for occupational therapists to assist in the development of students’ professional identity. Effective facilitation skills are essential for mentors to guide students and provide an environment that encourages risk-taking and personal growth. The Mentorship and IPE course is an excellent opportunity for OTs who wish to enhance their leadership skills and increase their involvement in the university curriculum. By participating in this program, you can positively impact students’ lives while advancing your professional growth.

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Mentorship groups meet for 90 minutes approximately every 2 weeks (and do not meet when students are on fieldwork placements). There are 12-14 sessions during Year 1 and 13 sessions in Year 2 (~50 to 55 contact hours over 2 years).

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