MScOT Graduating Students Featured by Temerty Medicine

on What Makes Them Passionate About Science & Health Care

Two MScOT students graduating this week are featured in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s news feature, “Class of 2T2 Graduates Share What Makes Them Passionate About Science & Health Care.”  Some excerpts:

Image of Paige Barkowsky, MScOT Grad Class of 2022“My passion for entering the healthcare field was largely fueled by numerous sport-related injuries while growing up. After high school, I received my Bachelor of Kinesiology from UBC, and practiced as a Registered Kinesiologist for a year. I decided to pursue occupational therapy because I felt my job and training at the time didn’t allow me to fully support my clients. Pursuing occupational therapy would offer so many diverse learning opportunities, and better prepare me to help individuals and communities. Throughout my degree I’ve learned there is a place for OS&OT everywhere you look in life. Some areas I am most passionate about include community engagement, hand therapy, and paediatric practice.” – Paige Barkowsky

Image of Elizabeth (Ellie) Pezzutto, MScOT Grad class of 2022“I was drawn to Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy because I was attracted to how occupational therapists recognize the importance of considering all domains of health in the promotion of health and wellbeing. I previously worked in clinical settings as an assistant and my favourite part of the position was watching patients improve and eventually attain their goals to participate in activities that were meaningful to them. I knew that this was the essence of occupational therapy, and this inspired my pursuit to work in a profession that directly and meaningfully impacts people.

I am most passionate about helping older adults achieve their goals and get back to doing what they need and love to do. I want to work with this population because I see major gaps in the care that many are receiving, and I feel that as an occupational therapist, I have the skills and tools to help address this.”  – Ellie Pezzutto

Read the full story by Temerty Communications writer Julia Soudat.

Congratulations to the MScOT Class of 2022!