Four MScOT Students Receive 2021 U of T Student Leadership Award

The University of Toronto Student Leadership Award recognizes graduating students for their exemplary contributions and significant impact at U of T and on the university experience of their peers.

This year, four MScOT students (Class of 2021) received this prestigious award: Congratulations to Bismah Khalid, Meera Premnazeer, Gobika Sithamparanathan,  and Marcus Yu.


Photo of Bismah Khalid Photo of Meera Premnazeer Photo of Gobika Sithamparanathan Photo of Marcus Yu
Bismah Khalid Meera Premnazeer Gobika Sithamparanathan Marcus Yu
Bismah, Meera, Gobika and Marcus shared their perspectives on leadership as occupational therapy students.  Click on each photo to read their stories.