2019 OT2 Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 OT2 awards, recognizing outstanding merit in the MScOT program. The awards were given on January 31.

Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship in OT

This award recognizes the student who obtained the highest standing in the first year of the program. This year’s recipient is Martina Sykula.  

Image of Prof. Susan Rappolt, Martina Sykula, and Prof. Jill Stier

Isobel Robinson Award

This award recognizes Ms. Robinson’s (Director of OT Program, 1967-1981) contribution to U of T, and is presented to the student who obtains high academic standing in the first year of the program with strong fieldwork evaluations. This year’s recipient is Laura van DaeleImage of Prof. Susan Rappolt, Laura van Daele, and Prof. Jill Stier

Eleanor B. Krangle Award in Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

This award will be given to a student in the Department who demonstrates socially conscious contributions to the University community. This year’s recipient is Janany Jeyasundaram.
Image of Prof. Susan Rappolt, Jenany Jeyasundaram, and Prof. Jill Stier

Peter Rappolt Family Scholarship in Occupational Performance and Wellbeing

This award supports new research in occupational science and occupational therapy, focused on mental health, developmental delay, caregiving, community integration, cognitive assessments and interventions, environmental adaptations, translating research evidence into practice, or examining how the health and social systems can meet complex needs. This year’s recipients are Amy Yang and Martina Sykula.

Image of Prof. Susan Rappolt, Amy Yang, Martina Sykula, and Prof. Jill Cameron