O-WEEK Orientation, Student-Run for OT1 by OT2 (Optional)


Students in second year of the program organize orientation activities for the first year students – both social and informative. Some of these will have costs attached to them.


These activities are completely optional, and student leaders for “O-Week” are advised by the Chair to abide by the professional conduct regulations set by the University of Toronto and the Department. For activities taking place off-site (non-University of Toronto property), students purporting to represent the Department (e.g. wearing a University shirt in public) at an O-Week activity should continue to conduct themselves professionally. There is a Facebook group set-up for O-Week; forms may be posted here during summer at the request of O-Week Leaders.

New for July: Sign up for O-Week Registration Form here


2017 Academic Orientation (Mandatory)


You must attend the MANDATORY OT Academic Orientation that takes place starting Tuesday September 5 running until Friday September 8.


1. 2017 OT Academic Orientation


2. First Week’s Readings 2017


3. Textbook List 2017


INCOMING Student Fieldwork Requirements


The Director of Clinical Education has provided the following two documents for your immediate review and action as required. Please refer to your email for the password to access these documents, which pertain to immunizations, CPR training, Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS), and other very important fieldwork information.


  1. 2017 Incoming Student Welcome Letter (MANDATORY)
  2. Immunization Form Year 1 (MANDATORY)
  3. Tuberculosis Clinic Times at University of Toronto 2017


NOTE: You do not have to use U of T’s Tuberculosis clinic; you are certainly welcome to use your own health care practitioner.


You are strongly encouraged to direct any questions specific to your personal health profile to your physician or other licensed healthcare professional authorized to provide this advice (e.g. nurse practitioner). The Department’s staff cannot issue medical advice; the immunization form is standardized across healthcare professions at the University. Please direct non-medical questions about these forms to the Fieldwork Office at ot.clined@utoronto.ca.


Tuition Invoices Online Only


Tuition fee invoices are posted in July to your ACORN or ROSI account

It is your responsibility to ensure your registration is completed on time. The School of Graduate Studies provides detailed information on registration deadlines, and the process of registration. For example, they distinguish between registration by paying tuition fees immediately, or requesting to register without payment. Please review this information by clicking on this link: First Steps for New Students. The drop-down menu link named “Registration and Enrolment” is particularly helpful.



Documents pertaining to incoming students will be posted here periodically.  Students will be notified via email when a document for download becomes available.