OS&OT Research Videos

The videos below have been created by student members of the Research Committee.


About Participating in Research Projects


Research Themes: Learn about the broad scope of research that YOU can be involved in!

Tips and Tricks: Here are some tips and tricks offered by previous students for conducting the second year OS/OT research projects.

What we enjoyed: Getting excited about your research project? Find out what students find rewarding about the process!

Video Highlights: Faculty Research

Laura Hartman (PhD) discusses her research focus and the many projects in which she is engaged. Laura is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and a lecturer in the Department of OS&OT.

Occupational therapist, Rosalie Wang (PhD), talks about her research at the University of Toronto. One of Dr. Wang’s research interests is the development and application of technology in Occupational Therapy.

Occupational therapy students from the University of Toronto talk about their research with Rosalie Wang (PhD). Their research was on the use of technology in OT.