Fieldwork Manual

Table of Contents



Welcome to University of Toronto Occupational Therapy Fieldwork
Important Notes

Canadian Guidelines for Fieldwork Education in Occupational Therapy

A Vision for Canadian Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education

Principles Guiding the Canadian Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Experience

Responsibilities of Fieldwork Education Partners

Tools and Processes to Support Quality in Canadian University Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education

Professional Behaviour of Students while on Fieldwork

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Code of Ethics
College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario Documents

COTO Code of Ethics
COTO Standards for the Supervision of Students

Other Aspects of Professional Behaviour of Students While on Fieldwork

Protection of Digital Personal Health Information
Cell Phones and Other Electronic Media
Student Attendance at Scientific Conferences: Department of OS&OT Policy
Special Considerations/Necessary Accommodations
Dress Code

Fieldwork Policies and Requirements

Policies on Immunization

First Year Students
Second Year Students
Copies of Health Forms

Policy Regarding Communicable Diseases and Occupational Health from the Faculty of Medicine
Infection Control Measures

Mask Fit Testing

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid
Student Safety Training
Consequences of Failure to Submit Mandatory Health and Safety Requirement Documentation

Police Checks

Clearance Letter and Vulnerable Sector Screening
Procedures for Obtaining the Vulnerable Sector Screening in Various Regions

Contracts and Insurance

Facility Placement Agreement

Accident or Injury While on Placement at a Clinical site with WSIB Coverage
Accident or Injury While on Placement at a Clinical site without WSIB coverage

Liability Insurance Coverage

MScOT Curriculum and Fieldwork Program

Fieldwork Placement within the MScOT Programme
Schedule of Fieldwork Placements during Academic Year
Ensuring Variety of Experiences in Fieldwork and the Matrix
Fieldwork Placement Process

Overview of Fieldwork Placement Process
Fieldwork Selection and Assignment
Guidelines Regarding Student Placement Preferences
Fieldwork Placement Travel Allowance

Placement Requests outside U of T Catchment Area

Southern Ontario and Canada
Northern Ontario
International Placements

Pre-Placement Communication with Fieldwork Facilities

Introductory Letters
Pre-Placement Information for Preceptors

Interprofessional Education in Fieldwork

Structured IPE Placement
Flexible IPE Activities

Fieldwork Evaluation

Evaluation for the Introductory Fieldwork Experience
Evaluation for Fieldwork I, II, III, and IV
Personal Learning Objectives
Student Report on Fieldwork Placement
Returning Evaluations to the University
Issues or Conflicts Arising During Fieldwork Placement
Policy on Unsatisfactory Fieldwork Performance

Presentations or Projects
Interactions with Preceptor

Tips for Successful Communication with Preceptors

Checklist for Students While on Placement

Fieldwork Appendices/Forms