Fieldwork Education Awards

Fieldwork Education Recognition Awards 2021

The Fieldwork Education Awards recognize the invaluable contribution of the many preceptors, site fieldwork coordinators, and partner organizations in our clinical community who contribute to the MScOT program and the education of its students. Although we were unable to hold our annual celebration event to honour the award recipients in person this year, we still honoured our outstanding clinical community for their contributions.

This year’s awards recognized contributions during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Fieldwork Educator Recognition Award

Fifty one clinical educators received a Fieldwork Educator Recognition Award. This award is student- or faculty-nominated and given to those who provided outstanding fieldwork teaching during a fieldwork placement/course, effectively facilitating student learning using teaching strategies such as direct teaching, mentoring, coaching, laddering, timely feedback, and encouragement of self-reflection.
Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

Emma Adams Noosha Afshin Jah Carolyn Alma Tanya Alves
Sara Asadinik Kathlyn Babia Ariel Berdock Tina Cammalleri
Jordana Caruso Jessica Casey Samantha Chefero Kalaa Chockalingam
Myra Del Rosario Bryan DeMarchi Amie Enns Imelda Falco
Julie Famewo Reema Farhat Michael Flores Erin Fraser
Kelsey Gamble Elizabeth Gartner Yarima Gonzalez Jenna Gourdeau
Darlene Hubley Mhairi Kay Sharon King Cara Kircher
Isabel Lam Frances Lau Melinda Machado-Cayley Sherna Marcus
Meridith McClenaghan Shelan McCreery Jennifer Moebs Andrea Moss
Yonit Nisan Laxee Nithiyananthan Michele Patterson Annette Petersen
Anna Ponzani Shawn Shams Danika Sherman Lindsay Sinclair
Laura Thompson Kate Turner Faith Webster Kelli Young
Raghad Zaiyouna Farhana Zaman Stacey Zammit

Exceptional Fieldwork Teaching Award

This award is given to an individual who has consistently excelled as a fieldwork preceptor over many years, providing superior learning experiences for a variety of student learners. In addition, the award winner has promoted and encouraged excellence in clinical education within their facility.

Congratulations to Myra DelRosario, Trillium Health Partners – Credit Valley Hospital.

Myra has demonstrated a strong commitment to fieldwork teaching, supervising 22 students over the past ten years and coordinating placements for 73 students at Credit Valley Hospital over the past five years. Myra is also involved as a clinical lab instructor and as a member of our Fieldwork Advisory Committee.  Fieldwork students consistently praise Myra for her excellent clinical teaching skills and the provision of a superb learning environment. Here are comments from recent students:

I believe that Myra is deserving of this recognition award because through my placement she taught me the true value of reflective and reflexive practice. Not only is she a skilled occupational therapist with a busy schedule but she also ensures that her students have ample time to reflect on their learning. Not every preceptor will go as in depth with their students by challenging them to think about what they are doing and how they are performing. This greatly benefited my learning during placement and I will always appreciate the time that she invested in me.

[Myra] took so much time to teach us and allow us opportunities to have hands on learning. Excellent communication skills, great explanation of her actions and role of OT  -Made me feel very safe to ask questions, gave us resources to learn more, inspired me to want to learn more about pediatric [occupational therapy].

Myra has shown excellence, dedication, passion, and expertise in all her work with the university and is very deserving of this award!

Exceptional Fieldwork Partner Award

This award is given to clinical partner organizations that have gone above and beyond expectations to support fieldwork education. This year’s award winners were exceptional in the number of placements they provided despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. This strong commitment to clinical education ensured that all MScOT students received their required fieldwork education experiences.
Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

CBI Health Group
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Unity Health Toronto – Providence Healthcare
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – St. John’s Rehab Campus

Fieldwork Education Recognition Awards 2020
On February 20, 2020, we hosted the annual Fieldwork Education Awards and reception to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the many preceptors and site fieldwork coordinators in our clinical community who contribute to the MScOT program and the education of its students.

This year, we recognized the following for the 2018-2019 academic year:
  • 93 clinical educators with a Fieldwork Educator Recognition Award, for providing outstanding clinical teaching recognized by our students and faculty
  • Estella Tse, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, with the Exceptional Fieldwork Teaching Award 
  • A group of clinical partner organizations with a special Fieldwork Education Recognition Award for going beyond expectations to support fieldwork education.  These organizations are Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab; Michael Garron Hospital; Mount Sinai Hospital; University Health Network – Toronto General, Toronto Western and Princess Margaret Hospitals and Toronto Rehab; Sunnybrook – St. John’s Rehab; Unity Health Toronto – St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare

Download the Awards Presentation and the Award Recipient List

Many thanks to Professor Heather Colquhoun and Alexandra Thompson (MScOT ’19) for opening remarks, to Professor Anne Hunt and Rhona Anderson for their clinical education presentation following the awards ceremony, to Siobhan Donaghy for emceeing the event so efficiently, and to the rest of the Fieldwork Team for all their work on this day and throughout the year: Professor Donna Barker, Andrea Duncan, Nella Campisi, Ted Myerscough,  and Deb Cameron.

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