Teaching Opportunities

The Department is seeking members from our clinical community to support teaching at our St. George (downtown Toronto) and Mississauga campuses. If you hold a status-only appointment in the Department, your service will contribute to your appointment hours.

Term 1 & 4 (September – December 2019)

No opportunities available at this time.

Continuing Opportunities

Course: OCT1190Y: Building Practice through Mentorship
Opportunity: Work with one small group of students
Instructors: Profs. Lynn Cockburn (l.cockburn@utoronto.ca) and Anne Fourt (anne.fourt@utoronto.ca)
This class runs throughout the full 2-year MScOT program. Each OT mentor works with a small group of students to build reflective practice skills and support professional development throughout the two years of the Occupational Therapy program. Mentors are experienced OTs who are exemplary role models, have strong group facilitation skills.
Commitment: 25 meetings over the 2 years of the program
Location: 500 University Ave. (St. George/downtown campus) and 3359 Mississauga Rd (Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex (UTM campus).
Application  instructions: Contact Lynn Cockburn or Anne Fourt to apply. You can also nominate an OT who you believe would be a great mentor.

Status-Only and Adjunct Lecturer Appointments

The academic and research goals of the Department of OS&OT cannot be met without the participation of dedicated people from affiliated hospitals and community-based agencies. We  seek appointees who:

  • maintain a high level of expertise and competence in their disciplines,
  • are skilled at communicating expertise to members of their respective disciplines and the broader health care community,
  • can stimulate, challenge and develop the scholarly and clinical capacity of students, and
  • contribute to the growth of the discipline by building the body of knowledge or advancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of practice.

Further information on how to apply for a status-only or adjunct lecturer appointment is available on our Status-Only and Adjunct Appointments page.