Danielle Himelfarb | Entry Class of 2016

Danielle Himelfarb began her Master’s studies in the Department in the fall of 2016. She describes experiences and her hopes in the interview below.

Tell us what it was that attracted you to the OS&OT program at U of T.
I was attracted to the OT profession because it combines physical healthcare with creativity and allows you to work closely with the people you are helping.

I feel very fortunate to be studying OT at U of T because of the incredible placement opportunities available and because of U of T’s dedication to advancing the profession through OT research.

Do you have any specific areas of interest in OT?
In my undergrad, I studied psychology and neuroscience and I was always very interested in strokes, head injuries and other neurological issues. I am interested in working with patients following such injuries.

What have been some of the best aspects of being involved in student life in this program?
This program seems to attract like-minded people. I am fortunate to be in a class with social, fun and outgoing individuals. The program is structured so that each OT year is one big unit. This means we tackle assignments together, compare notes, and support one another. While many other programs have a competitive atmosphere, this program fosters a strong sense of community and that is definitely the best aspect of student life here.

What do you hope to do after graduating?
For now, I would love to work in an in-patient rehabilitation setting that treats neurological issues. However, OT is a very broad profession and I am always keeping an open mind as I learn about new and exciting possibilities for OT graduates.