Photo of hands on laptop

Prof. Pat McKee on safe home office practices

“With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the need for social distancing, working from home has become the new normal for many people. But how do we make sure we’re not putting stress on our bodies in our makeshift home offices?”

Associate Professor Emerita Pat McKee was asked by the Toronto Star to give some tips on safe home office practices (especially if you’re using a laptop):

1. Raise your monitor
2. Select an appropriate keyboard, and other keyboard tips
3. Get comfy
4. Take breaks
5. Listen to your body
6. Understand the risks (of sitting too long in an un-comfy position)

Read the story in the Toronto Star, Six tips to make sure your makeshift office doesn’t injure you, April 8, 2020, by Tom Yun and Miriam Lafontaine