Krupa and Kirsh

New Textbook Reflects Broad International Perspective

Drs. Terry Krupa and Bonnie Kirsh, both esteemed alumna, are primary editors for the recently published fourth edition of the classic and renowned textbook, Bruce & Borg’s Psychosocial Frames of Reference: Theories, Models, and Approaches for Occupation-Based Practice. One of their goals was to produce a book that offers a broad range of international applications of knowledge and practice developments in psychosocial occupation-based practice. Authors who contributed to this work are from Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK. Another goal was to present models and practice approaches that are applicable across a wide range of practice areas in occupational therapy. It is Dr. Krupa and Dr. Kirsh’s belief that psychosocial health is a fundamental element of all human health and well-being. They wanted to create a resource that would enable all occupational therapists to better address the breadth of psychosocial factors that influence their clients’ daily lives. In addition, they have highlighted the relevance of specific models to practice for people with mental illnesses, particularly where the issues experienced by this group have historically been poorly addressed.
The original editors of this textbook, Bruce and Borg, wrote, “This book has a successful history as a resource for planning psychosocial occupational therapy intervention. This exceptional new edition continues to provide a comprehensive description of occupational therapy and relevant psychological, social, and cognitive theories, plus “real-life” examples that contribute to the reader’s understanding of the person and his or her mental health concerns as they influence the ability to engage in meaningful occupation.”
We congratulate Dr Krupa, Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s University, and our own, Dr. Kirsh, Associate Professor in the department on this noteworthy achievement. Your leadership and vision for the psychosocial aspects of occupational therapy has the potential to make significant and lasting changes in how occupational therapists around the globe conduct their practice.
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