Congratulations Anne Fourt (BScOT’89, M. Ed’00)

Congratulations Anne Fourt (BScOT’89, M. Ed’00), an alumna and Assistant Professor within our Department, on the co-authorship of the book Treating the Trauma Survivor: An Essential Guide to Trauma-Informed Care.

Anne was recently recognized for this achievement by the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists’ campaign to celebrate awesome acts in occupational therapy:

Celebrating awesome acts in OT
Anne has worked in the Women Recovering From Abuse Program (WRAP) at Women’s College Hospital since 1999. Both Anne’s clinical and teaching experiences have inspired her to co-author this recently published book. Anne and her colleagues believe that all healthcare professionals must be trauma-informed regardless of their practice context. Thus, the book conveys practical tools and strategies to enable universal, trauma-informed care. Information is included on the impact of trauma, trauma-informed assessment, interventions, and more. We commend Anne for her contributions to knowledge translation in this important area of healthcare practice.