Barry Trentham

Barry TrenthamAssistant Professor
Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
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Cross Appointments
  • Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science

My research examines the intersections among the social determinants of healthy aging, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and community participation and engagement. Questions are framed within an understanding of occupational transitions across the life course and examined primarily through critical qualitative methodologies including narrative, arts-informed life histories, and participatory methods. My research aims to better understand the factors and processes that shape participation in home and community life. Examples of my research projects are engaging in senior citizenship by resisting ageism, peer student engagement in cross-cultural dialogues, the development of Age-CAP-an age-friendly communities accessibility audit mobile app; and occupational life narratives of retired leaders in occupational therapy.

Selected PublicationsAll PublicationsKeywords
Trentham, B. L., & Neysmith, S. M. (2017): Exercising senior citizenship in an ageist society through participatory action research: A critical occupational perspective, Journal of Occupational Science, DOI: 10.1080/14427591.2017.1402809

McGrath, C., Laliberte Rudman, D., Spafford, M., Trentham, B., & Polgar, J. (2016). Environmental barriers and the production of disability for seniors with age-related vision loss (ARVL): A critical ethnographic study. Canadian Journal on Aging.

McGrath, C., Laliberte Rudman, D., Polgar, J., Spafford, M., & Trentham, B. (2016). Negotiating ‘positive’ aging in the presence of age-related vision loss (ARVL): The shaping and perpetuation of disability. Journal of Aging Studies.

Trentham B, Sokoloff S, Tsang A, Neysmith S.(2015). Social media and senior citizen advocacy: An inclusive tool to resist ageism?. Politics, Groups and Identities. 3(3): 558-571.

Hunt, A. W., Le Dorze, G., Trentham, B., Polatajko, H. J., & Dawson, D. R.(2015). Elucidating a goalsetting continuum in brain injury rehabilitation. Qualitative Health Research. 25(8): 1044-1055.

O’Brien KK, Solomon P, Trentham B, MacLachlan D, MacDermid J, Tynan AM, Baxter L, Casey A,Chegwidden W, Robinson G, Tran T, Wu J, Zack E.(2014). Evidence-informed recommendations in rehabilitation for older adults living with HIV: A knowledge synthesis. BMJ Open. 4(5): 1-11.

Rigby, P., Trentham, B., & Letts, L., (2014). Modifying performance contexts. In B. Schell,G  Gillen & M. Scaffa (Eds.). Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 12 Ed. Chapter 29.

social determinants of aging well, diversity and inclusion, narrative practice
Recent Thesis/Projects Supervised
  1. Kyle, G., Suthers, K. Stier, J., Trentham, B. (2016). Examining Pre-Retirement Planning Programs Using an Occupational Approach: A Scoping Review.
  2. Singh H, Tam J, Stier J, Trentham B. (2016). Factors influencing community engagement with the AccessTO Initiative.
  3. Khan F, Bunker A, Davis J, Trentham B. (2016). Occupational narratives of transgender individuals:  Exploring gender identity and expression.
  4. Kavanaugh L, Ramos C Trentham B. (2015). Informing primary care occupational therapy practice with seniors.
  5. Jabbari A, De Leon D, Davis J, Trentham B. (2015). Occupational narratives of women with severe and enduring eating disorders [paper presentation].
  6. Rudachyk, A., Feasby, L., Trentham, B., & Cameron, D. Stories from Abroad: Student Occupational Therapists Navigating International Fieldwork Barriers (2012-13).
  7. Chui, R., Ho, N., Trentham, B., & Polatajko, H. J. Transitioning into long-term care: Narratives of Chinese-Canadian families. (2011-12).
  8. Jimmou, J., Bierbrier, A. Trentham, B. A critical review of the use of gender in occupational therapy literature.(2011-12).
  9. Crouchman, J., Landry, A., Stier, J., Davis, J., & Trentham, B. Gay male caregivers:  A scoping review.(2010-11).
  10. Leung, J., & Pirapakaran, P., & Trentham, B. Occupational repertoires and older adults’ community group participation (2010-11).
  11. Gereghty, M., Schwartz, L., Cameron, J. & Trentham, B. Experiences of service provision of adult child caregivers of older parents. (co-supervisor) 2010.
  12. Ortal, A., Davis, J., & Trentham, B. The life history of a retired Jewish occupational therapist. (primary supervisor) 2009.
  13. Hastoo, T., Trentham, B., & Mihailidis, A. Perceptions of human resource personnel of potential occupational therapy roles within corporate settings. (primary supervisor) 2009.
  14. Badun, M., Mihailidis, A., & Trentham, B. Perceptions of medical students of the role of occupational therapists. (secondary supervisor) 2009.
  15. A. Atkins, L. Layzelle and S. Stewart, Davis, J., & Trentham, B. Reflections on the professional lives of retired occupational therapists. (MScOT), 2008.
Research Interests

Occupational perspectives on the social determinants of healthy aging; diversity and inclusion perspectives in healthcare practice and education; primary health care practice contexts; enabling senior citizenship with older adults; narrative and participatory approaches to occupational performance assessment, enablement and research.

Current Courses
  • OCT 1271H: Enabling Occupation with Older Adults: Part 1
  • OCT 1272H: Enabling Occupation with Older Adults: Part 2