Student Research Project FAQs

About the Student Research Project

There are 4 Research Courses in the MScOT Program.

Year 1

OCT 1121H Research Issues and Approaches in Occupational Therapy (fall semester)
OCT 1122H Methods in Practice-Based Research (winter semester)
OCT 1123H Framing Practice-Based Research (summer semester)

Year 2

OCT 1220Y Graduate Research Project (year long course)

A full description of the courses can be found here >>


Frequently Asked Questions About the Student Research Project


Do I have to do a research project?
Do I do the project alone or with a partner?
How do I get matched to a research project?
If I have a specific research interest, can I set up my own project?
What if I have no specific interests?
What do I do if I have no research experience?
Does everyone have a supervisor for the project?
Is there time dedicated to the project?
Do I have to defend my research project?
Do I present my results?
Is there an opportunity to publish results?
Do I have to pay anything?
If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at