Research Resources


U of T libraries provide excellent assistance for research, beginning with the main website.

Ask Chat with a Librarian provides answers to your research questions through on-line chat, email, telephone, or drop-in.

The Gerstein library also provides assistance through email. There are also several Research Guides, such as Systematic Reviews, Citation Management, and others, posted on the site.

Writing and Language Support

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) offers English language and writing support services. There is no charge for their workshops. Click here for more details.

Data Analysis Consultation

The Department of Statistical Sciences offers free consultation services, provided by graduate students under the supervision of their course instructor.

Click here for more details.

Data Analysis Software

SPSS is a quantitative data analysis software program that you may use during the Research Course. Students can access SPSS on the computers at Robarts Library, in the Map and Data Library Instruction Lab on the 5th floor. Or a license, renewable on an annual basis, may be purchased from the U of T Software Licensing Office. More information can be found here.

NVIVO is a qualitative data analysis software program, which you might also use during the research course. The U of T Software Licensing Office has an annual license for the program available for purchase as well.

Workshops for both SPSS and NVIVO are offered by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), although there is a cost involved. For more details, click here.


Research Ethics Boards. Many research projects require approval from the appropriate U of T Research Ethics Board.

RefWorks is a cloud-based program that can help you create bibliographies and manage references.