Faculty Research Projects

The following table lists research projects on which OS&OT faculty are participating that received funding in 2014.

20142015Gignac M.A.M., Irvin E., McLeod C., Backman C., Van Eerd D., Beaton D.E., Mahood Q. Osteoarthritis and work: A systematic reviewWorkSafeBC (RS2014-SR03) 62813
20142016Sale J., Beaton D.E., Bogoch E., Gignac M., Hawker G., Ho J. How do fracture patients with comorbidities manage bone health treatment?Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) -Operating Grant. $153,852 (Year 1: $98,082) 153852
20142015Kosny A., Beaton D.E., Cooper J., Furlan A., Koehoorn M., MacEachen E., Neis B. Engaging health care providers in the return to work processWorkers Compensation Board of Manitoba. 174252
20142015PI(s): Rochette, A. Coll(s): Korner-Bitensky N., Teasell R., Richards C., Martino R., Page S., Desrosiers J., Bayley M., Bourbonnais D., Salbach N., Lamontagne A., Fellows L., Kaizer F., Thomas A., Kloda L., Dumoulin C., Menon A., Levin M., Fung J., Mayo N., Kagan A., Eng J., Poissant L., Higgins J., Vachon B., & Cameron, J.I .Infrastructure support for www.strokengine.ca. Canadian Partnership for Stroke RecoveryHeart and Stroke Foundation45000
20142015PI(s): Salbach, N. Coll(s): Cameron, J.I . Exploring the impact of a community-based task-oriented exercise program on physical function and participation post-stroke and caregiver assistance and healthCanadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery; Heart and Stroke Foundation. Catalyst Grant. 41054
20142015PI(s): Salbach, N. Coll(s): Cameron, JI. Exploring the impact of a community-based exercise program on physical function, participation and caregiver health among people with stroke-related balance and mobility limitations and their caregivers Ontario Physiotherapy Association. 10000
20142015PI(s): Wilcox M.E., Rubenfeld G. Coll(s): Lim A., Wennberg R., Black S., Mikulis D., Herridge M., Cameron J.I., McAndrews, M.P. COGWELL: Cognitive Outcomes and Wellness in Survivors of Critical Illness. Physician Services Incorporated Foundation. Operating Grant. 139000
20142015PI(s): Wiseman-Hakes C. Coll(s): Colantonio A., Keightley M., Nalder E., Poulin V. Navigating intimate relationships for girls and women with TBIONF-REPAR. Community Reintegration Research Action Team. 5000
20142017PI(s): Hutchison J. Coll(s): Baker A., Barlow K., Clarke D., Esser M., Green R., Guerguerian A-M., Lacroix J., Ptito A., Walley K., Colantonio A., and thirty-seven additional collaborators across CanadaA national biobank and database for patients with traumatic brain injury Brain Canada. Technology and Platform Support Grant. 980000
20142016PI(s): Colantonio A. Co-I(s): Bayley M., Lewko J., Mihailidis A., Mollayeva T. Coll(s): Kontos P.Traumatic brain injury in the workplace: Innovations for preventionMinistry of Labour (Ontario). Research Opportunities Program: Research for the Workplace. 298916
20142014PI(s): Colantonio A.Creating capacity on traumatic brain injury care for criminalized populationsONF REPAR/CRReATE9847.2
20142015PI(s): Straus S. Co-I(s): Colquhuon H.A scoping review of scoping reviewsCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Knowledge Synthesis Grant. 50000
20142015PI(s): O’Brien K. Co-I(s): Colquhuon H. Establishing methodological quality criteria for scoping studies: Advancing the field of knowledge synthesis within the context of aging, chronic disease and rehabilitationCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Planning Grants. 25000
20142016PI(s): Witteman H. Co-I(s): Colquhuon H.Applying methods of user-centered design to achieve patient-centered carePatient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). 586500.92
20142015PI(s): Ivers N. Co-I(s): Colquhuon H.Applying end-user engagement and user-centred design to inform a systematic approach to audit and feedback for home care in Ontario: A feasibility and pilot study.Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Applied Health Research Question. 50000
20142015PI(s): Hunt A. Coll(s): Reed N., Dawson D., & Keightley M. An occupation-based approach to management of youth with persistent post-concussion symptomsOntario Society of Occupational Therapists Research Fund. 5000
20142019PI(s): Chertkow H. Coll(s): Dawson D. and othersCanadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in AgingCanadian Institute of Health Research. 3980000
20142017PI(s): Roy E. Co-I(s): Hebert D.Neuropsychological profiles and neuroanatomic correlates of limb apraxiaHeart and Stroke Foundation 235000
20142015PI(s): King G. Coll(s): Maxwell J., Adamson K., & Williams L. Effects of a client portal on client engagement in careCanada Health Infoway; Consumer Health Solution20000
20142015PI(s): Schwellnus H. Coll(s): King G., Baldwin P., & Servais M.Solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation: Investigating transformative experiences for familiesInstitute of Coaching at McLean Hospital (US)25640
20142018Sale J., Beaton D.E., Bogoch E., Gignac M., Hawker G., Ho J. Optimizing life success through residential immersive life skills programs for youth with disabilitiesSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada412867
20142015PI(s): Schwellnus H. Co-I(s): King G. A trial of coaching with children and youth with cerebral palsy focused on enabling participation in recreation and leisure activitiesCanadian Occupational Therapy Foundation5000
20142019PI(s): King G. Coll(s): Wright V., Ziviani J., Chiarello L., Poulsen A., Schwellnus H., Ideishi R., Savage D., Bradley K., Keenan S., Copley J., McLarnon M., & McDougall C.Engagement in the pediatric rehabilitation intervention process: Its nature, measurement, and role in the determination of outcomesCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Operating Grant616110
20142015PI(s): King G. Coll(s): P. Baldwin & M. ServaisA scoping review of the role of parental hope in the delivery of pediatric rehabilitation servicesSSHRC Institutional Grant700
20142015PI(s): King G. Coll(s): Kingsnorth S., Curran C. J., Crossman S., Smart E., & Pinto M. An arts-mediated program for children with and without disabilities: Service providers’ use of strategies to create an inclusionary spaceCentre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion with the support of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation5000
20142015PI(s): King G. Coll(s): Savage D. & Williams L. Family-oriented services for parents of children and youth with disabilities: A scoping review of programs and services to promote caregiver wellness and optimize children’s outcomesCentre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion with the support of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation4500
20142015PI(s): Schwellnus, H. Coll(s): King G., Baldwin P., & Servais, M.Solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation: Investigating transformative experiences of families and service providersCentre for Leadership in Participation and Inclusion with the support of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation18000
20142016PI(s): Moll S. Coll(s): Kirsh B., Stuart H., Patten S., MacDermid J.Beyond silence: Comparing the impact of contact-based education with mental health literacy training on early interventions for healthcare workers with mental health issuesOntario Mental Health Foundation. 150000
20142016PI(s): Gewurtz R. Coll(s): Kirsh B., Lysaght R., Wilton R. Employment and disability benefit systems in Canada: Envisioning best practices for people with mental illnessSocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).74960
20142019PI(s): Lindsay S.Enhancing the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforceOntario Ministry of Research and Innovation, Early Research Award, Specialty: Sociology 190000
20142015PI(s): Lindsay S.Improving inclusion of people with disabilities at workSocial Science and Humanities Research Council. Institutional Research Grant (University of Toronto).696
20142015PI(s): Lindsay S. Coll(s): Niles-Campbell N., Diedrichs S., Menna-Dack D.Reducing barriers to post secondary education and employment for youth with disabilities through mentorship programs: improving the evidence base to enhance social inclusion Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund. 25000
20142015PI(s): Lindsay S. Coll(s): Keightley M.L., Reed N., Providennza C., Gan C., Willoughby A., Rumney P., Hung R., Speed P., Diedrichs S., Cournyea T., Williams T., Ying Wong P., Thompson S., Muirhead K., & Whittle S. Best practices for hospital-to-school transition interventions for youth with acquired brain injury: A systematic reviewCanadian Institutes of Health Research. Knowledge synthesis grant.100000
20142014PI(s): Goodfellow, A. & Lindsay S.Disability risk factor analysisOntario Centres of Excellence. Research & Development Fellowship. 25000
20142015PI(s): Lindsay S. Coll(s): Thompson N. Co-I(s): Keightley M., Reed N., Provvidenza C. Best practices for hospital-to-school transition interventions for youth with acquired brain injury: A systematic review Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). 100000
20142015Kwan, D., Richardson, D., Lowe, M. , Maniate, J., Matmari, L., Nirula, L., Friesen, F., Baker, L., Ng, S.Fostering continuing professional development in the workplace: TESCoP (Teaching and Education Scholarship Community of Practice) Education Development Fund: $7,475 + $10,000 matched institutional funds (CFD, CAMH, SJHC, UHN)17475
20142020PI(s): Mihailidis A. & Sixsmith A. Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology for Wellness, Engagement, and Long Life (AGE-WELL) Network of Centres of Excellence Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE). 36605194
20142016PI(s): Salbach N.M. Coll(s): Brooks D., MacKay-Lyons M., Solomon P., Bayley M., Mihailidis A., Kelloway L., White K., Howe J., McDonald A. Development and evaluation of iWalk: A web-based guide to facilitate evidence-informed assessment of walking after stroke Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Knowledge to Action Operating Grant.199876
20142015PI(s): Mortenson W. Coll(s): Mihailidis A., Viswanathan P. Collaborative power mobility integrated learning Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). COTF Research Grant. 5000
20142015PI(s): Mortenson W. Coll(s): Mihailidis A., Viswanathan P. Collaborative Power mobility Integrated Learning OpporTunity (CoPILOT)COTF Research Grant. 5000
20142020PI(s): Chertkow H. Coll(s): Rylett J.R., Hogan D., Black S., Mihailidis A., et al. Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in AgingCIHR. 21950000
20142017PI(s): Hadjistavropoulos T. Coll(s): Mihailidis, A., Prkachin K., Taati B. Development of an automated system for pain detection and monitoring in older adults with dementia Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Operating Grant.318660
20142017PI(s): Patel R., Polouchine I., Tavakol M., Teasell W. Coll(s): Raso V.Novel haptics-enabled robotic systems for rehabilitation therapy Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Collaborative Health Research Projects (NSERC partnered).546792
20142015PI(s): Nejat G. Coll(s): Mihailidid A., Dickinson S., Benhabib B., Mills J., Boutilier C. The Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics (IRM) SmartCare laboratory: Healthcare robots for the elderlyNSERC. Research Tools and Instruments - Category 1. 149995
20142015Coll(s): Miller W., Viswanathan P., Wang R. SWAT: Smart Wheelchairs for Assessment and Training of Older Adults Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Planning Grants. 22500
20142015Coll(s): Hebert D., Wang R., Hammond D., & Naccarato J. Tele-rehabilitation for stroke through intelligent robotic systems Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC). Operating Grant.260000
20142019PI(s): Chertkow H.M., Mihailidis A. (Team Leader). Coll(s): Rylett J., Black S., Rockwood K. Co-PI(s): Hogan D., Masellis M., McGilton K. (Associate Theme Leaders); Sixsmith A., Mackworth A., Liu L., Fernie G., Colantonio A., Taati B., Hoey J., Goubran R., Knoefel F., Pigot H. (Team Co-Investigators) Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (Team 15)Gerontechnology and dementiaCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Int’l Collaborative Research Strategy for Alzheimer’s Disease900900
20142015PI(s): Nalder E. & Dawson D. Coll(s): Nalder E., Dawson D., Skidmore E., Bottari C., Ng E.Delivering real-world strategy training to adults with ABI via telerehabilitation: A pilot feasibility trialONF-REPAR Team Grant Community Reintegration Action Research Team.10000
20142014Nalder E.One year postdoctoral fellowship (final 7-months declined to take up an academic appointment)Funding renewal: CIHR Strategic Research Training Post‐Doctoral Fellowship in Health Care, Technology, & Place.8335
20142014Nalder E.Funding an exchange to Dr. Gail Eskes research lab at Dalhousie University, NS.National Trainee Association Exchange Grant. Canadian Partnership in Stroke Recovery1500
20142015PI(s): Reed N. Coll(s): Keightley M., Rumney P., Hung R., Thompson L., Symes K., Reid J., Riggs L., Widgett E. The development of a research database for the Holland Bloorview Concussion Clinic: Towards a hospital-wide model of clinical researchCentre for Leadership in ABI (Holland Bloorview). 3910.6
20142015PI(s): Reed N. & Hunt A. The scope and incidence of visual impairments in pediatric acquired brain injury Centre for Leadership in ABI (Holland Bloorview). 1862
20142015PI(s): Hunt A. & Reed N. Coll(s): Dawson D., Keightley M. An occupation-based approach to management of youth with persistent post-concussion symptomsOntario Society of Occupational Therapy Research Fund. Strategic Priorities Research Grant. 5000
20142015PI(s): Mrazik M. & Reed N.Enhancement of teacher knowledge, education, and instruction of students with mild traumatic brain injury Support for the Advancement of Scholarship Grant, University of Alberta. 6939
20142015PI(s): Fait P. Coll(s): Boivin K., Descareaux M., Reed N., & Langevin P.Vers de nouvelles methodes d’evaluation aupres d’enfants et d’adolescents ayant subi un traumatisme craniocerebral legerFonds de Recherche du Quebec-Sante. Consortium en Traumatologie. 20000
20142016PI(s): Reed N. Coll(s): Provvidenza C. ‘Concussion and You’: Optimizing concussion knowledge in youth through education and peer supportDr. Pashby Sport Safety Fund. 3000
20142015Renwick R.Contesting contemporary cinematic representations of disabilitySocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) SIG. Allocation grant.1300
20142016Bartel L. MacLean, D., Alter D., Chen J., Freedman M., Gordon A., Lozano A., Evans M.J., Davis K., Renwick R., Row B., & Kennedy, S.Music medicine and neuro-rehabilitation: Foundations and application of sound stimulationU of T. Connaught Global Challenge100000
20142015PI(s): Rowland, P.AMS Phoenix Fellowship AMS Phoenix Project50000
20142015Tardiff, Fancott, Andreoli, Rowland, SchwartzReal time patient advisory groups: Novel opportunities for learning and improvementAcademic Health Science Centre Alternate Funding Plan43095
20142016PI(s): Stergiou-Kita M. Coll(s): Kirsh B., Holness L., Jones J.Cancer survivorship and successful return to work: Exploring the role of workplace accommodationsFaculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. 19797
20142015PI(s): Stergiou-Kita M. Coll(s): Horvath S., Colantonio A, Lewko J., Mansfield E., Mood J., Oliffe J., Powe. Men, high risk work and workplace health and safety practicesCanadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Team Grant: Boys’ and Men’s Health. [Letter of Intent]9832
20142015PI(s): Stier J. Coll(s): Walsh C., Nelles L.J., & Carnahan H.Adapting theater practice to enhance role-playing and communication skills of occupational therapy traineesEducational Development Fund, FoM, U of T 7502
20142015PI(s): Trentham B. Coll(s): Sangrar R., Cameron D., Cockburn L., Fourt A., Polatajko H., Renwick R., Stier J. Experiences of cross-cultural dialogue on issues of diversity and inclusion in an occupational therapy curriculumDept. of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto5000
20142014PI(s): Trentham B.Support for “Exercising citizenship in an ageist world” University of Toronto. Excellence Award-Social Sciences and Humanities (UTEA-SSH). Summer student funding for 14 weeks on a SSHRC-supported research project 6000
20142015PI(s): Trentham B. Supporting senior citizenship through mobile technologySocial Sciences and Humanities Research Council. General Research Grant1035.74
20142015PI(s): Shahani M. Co-l(s): Wang R., Hebert D.Handbag for stroke survivors with limited mobility in their upper extremitiesGeorge Brown College Seed Funding (Internal, partnered). 10000