Rehabilitation Building Services



Accessibility – Elevators


The Rehabilitation Sciences Building, Centre for Function and Well-Being at 500 University Avenue has been designed so the building is fully accessible and inclusive by and for persons with disabilities. There is an elevator located at the main entrance on University Avenue with a secondary wheelchair ramp entrance on Simcoe Street.


Bicycle Storage


Bicycles are not permitted inside the Rehabilitation Sciences Building. Students should use the City of Toronto bicycle racks available on both University Avenue and Simcoe Street.


Building Access 


The Rehabilitation Sciences Building is unlocked Monday to Friday between 8:00AM until 6:00PM. Please note that you will be required to use your security FOB after 6:00PM during weekdays, all day weekends and holidays in order to gain access into the building, stairwells and/or elevators. All rehabilitation students have 24/7 access to all the case study rooms and student lounge located on the 2nd floor, as well as the 4th floor computer lab. For security purposes, please do not prop open the stairwell doors.




The Alumni Café, made possible through the generosity of the OT/PT Alumni Association and its members, is located on the main floor.


Computer Resource Lab (Rehab Sector)

Rehab Sector Building, Room 452 (NEW for 2017)


The Rehabilitation Sciences Building houses an up-to-date computer lab. There are a minimum of 12 computers with full wheelchair accessibility and an area for printing. Computers are loaded with Windows, Microsoft Office, SAS, SPSS and Internet access. The Manager of Information Technology Services will be available during business hours to answer any technical questions, on the 8th floor. The lab is only accessible with a valid FOB electronic key.


Phones for Student Use


In an emergency, students may consult with a staff member in the Occupational Therapy program office (9th Floor Reception) for emergency contact information and communication services.


Student Lounge and Quiet Study Space


Located on the 2nd floor of 500 University Avenue, the Student Lounge and Quiet Study Space are made available 24/7 to all rehabilitation sciences students.


Rooms and Seating Capacity


Students are not permitted to enter any classroom in the building outside of normal class times, unless they have prior permission from the Department’s Receptionist/Faculty Support desk, Program Manager, or Business Manager. This can be made in person on the 9th floor of 500 University, or via email at Study rooms can be entered outside of classroom hours, though priority goes to the person who booked the room in advance. Reservations are posted at the beginning of each week outside of each room.


Room Room Name Booking Priority
132 Large Classroom Shared
140 Case Classroom PT
150 Medium Size Classroom SLP
201 Case Study Room OT
203 Case Study Room OT
205 Case Study Room OT
207 Case Study Room OT
214 Student Council Office
218 Case Classroom PT
220 Case Classroom PT
222 Case Study Room SLP
224 Case Study Room SLP
230 Case Study Room OT
232 Case Study Room OT
234 Case Study Room OT
235 Case Classroom OT
236 Case Study Room OT
238 Case Study Room SLP
240 Case Study Room SLP
251 Case Study Room SLP
255 Case Study Room SLP
256 Case Study Room OT
414 Language Analysis Teaching Lab SLP
420 Medium Size Classroom SLP
428 Seminar Room RSI
444 Closed as of 2017 (former computer lab) N/A
452 Computer Lab (NEW) Shared
453 Design & Orthotics Teaching Lab OT
720 Health Concepts Teaching Lab PT
721 Case Study Room PT
727 Case Study Room PT
730 Clinical Skills Teaching Lab PT
738 Case Study Room PT
740 Case Study Room PT
744 Case Study Room PT
750 Clinical Skills Teaching Lab PT
753 Case Study Room PT
758 Case Study Room PT
759 Case Study Room PT
809 Learning Resource Centre
841 Conference Room PT
907 Occupational Performance Lab OT
989 OT Reception OT
954 Conference Room OT
1016 Conference Room SLP