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Assessment and Intervention of Self-Awareness

Assessment and Intervention of Self-Awareness in Those with Brain Injury, Stroke, and Neurological Diseases

Drs. Jennifer Fleming and Anne Agur

2-day workshop: June 16 and 17, 2017
8:30- 4:30 (Registration starts at 8 am)
Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto
1 King’s College Circle
Room MS-4171

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This course offers theoretical and practical knowledge on “Self-awareness” which refers to impaired insight into one’s own cognitive, physical, and functional status, in individuals with acquired brain injury (e.g. right sided stroke, traumatic brain injury), or progressive brain disorders.

Impaired self-awareness may result in impaired ability to understand and appreciate the extent of deficits, resulting in challenges in community reintegration, problem-solving and setting realistic goals during rehabilitation.

“The transition from hospital to home is a particularly significant adjustment period in which individuals often first experience the effects of their injury in everyday activities within a familiar environment (Fleming, Winnington, McGillivray, Boyana, & Ownsworth, 2006)”

This 2-day course would be of interest to those who work with individuals with brain injury (e.g. Stroke, TBI, ABI, neurological diseases), across the continuum of care from acute care to the community. This course offers practical approaches through the use of case examples, and course format encourages learning through participants sharing challenging cases that they may have encountered in practice.

Dr. Jennifer Fleming is an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is the Co-Editor of the journal, Brain Impairment, and a member of the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Foundation Committee. She has more than 25 years of experience working and researching in brain injury rehabilitation. Jenny’s research aims to improve cognitive rehabilitation and psychosocial outcomes for people with brain injury with a particular focus on the problem of impaired self-awareness. She developed the Self-Awareness of Deficits Interview which has become a commonly used assessment of self-awareness internationally.

Dr. Anne Agur is a Professor at the University of Toronto, and is the course director of the Physical and Occupational Therapy Gross Anatomy courses. She is the current editor of “Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy” and a co-author of “Essential Clinical Anatomy” with Professor Emeritus K.L. Moore.

Participants will:

  1. Learn about conceptualizing self-awareness by reviewing key models of metacognition
  2. Receive hands-on demonstration of the neuroanatomy of the areas of the brain involved in self-awareness
  3. Learn about standardized assessments and observational methods of evaluating self-awareness, and apply these tools in to case studies discussed in the course
  4. Examine intervention approaches for facilitating self-awareness in adults within the neurological rehabilitation context
  5. Practice applying self-awareness assessment and intervention strategies via participants’ sharing challenging clinical cases they are currently working with (or have worked in the past) and to develop plans to work with specific problems
  6. Focus on the use of occupation-based metacognitive intervention techniques for enhancing self-awareness and improving occupational performance
  7. Learn about individually tailoring self-awareness interventions based on neurological, psychological and socio-environmental components


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After April 21, 2017, no refunds will be provided but registrants may transfer their registration to another participant at no charge.

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