Teaching Opportunities

The Department is seeking members from our clinical community to support teaching at our St. George (downtown Toronto) and Mississauga campuses. If you hold a status-only appointment in the Department, your service will contribute to your appointment hours.

Term 1 (September-December 2018)

Course: OCT1111Y: Foundations in Occupational Therapy
Opportunity: OS &OT Foundations Course Facilitators
Instructor:  Prof. Jane Davis (ja.davis@utoronto.ca)
For OCT 1111Y Foundations in Occupational Therapy – Therapeutic Use of Self lab on Wednesday, October 10 from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon: OTs are needed at both downtown and at UTM campuses to facilitate a therapeutic use of self lab. The ideal OTs are those who are very comfortable with communication, have a lot of experience interacting with clients, may have had some experience role playing or acting as a simulated patient, have facilitated small group discussions, and have an interest in therapeutic use of self. Two OTs will work together with 8-10 students on topics such as managing moods, personalities, values, authenticity, empathy, and reflexivity. Jane will provide the required readings and facilitator notes/scenarios to those who are participating, along with access to the pre-class online lecture.

Jane is also seeking two consumer/client guest lecturers for the UTM campus with lived experience of mental/physical illness/disability who can speak about the lived experience of disability as framed within various models of disability. Please contact Jane directly if you know of any potential candidates.

Please contact Jane if you are interested in these opportunities.

Course: OCT1141H: Assessment in Occupational Therapy
Opportunity: Interview Lab. Thursday, September 13, 2018, 8:30-10:30 am. Help the first year OT students (in the first 2 weeks of the program) begin to learn initial interview skills.
Instructor:  Prof. Heather Colquhoun (heather.colquhoun@utoronto.ca)

The commitment:  I will need 5 people so each study group has their own facilitator. Each volunteer will be working with a small group of 8-9 students. Volunteers meet with the course instructor from 8:30-9:00 to review activity. Lab itself is from 9-10:30 am. The clinical OTs who volunteer for this downtown session really enjoy the experience.

Some details: In this lab, students will be provided with an opportunity to practice interviewing skills with practicing clinicians who possess these skills and expertise. This lab will be their initial opportunity to do so in this course. They will have had a lecture covering narrative interviews generally and specific do’s and don’ts for interviewing (e.g., open ended questions vs. closed, etc.). In this lab, they will be paired with another student and will take turns interviewing each other. They have not yet been exposed to any assessments in the course.  The lab is designed to help the students learn the skills of initial interviewing. No physical assessment occurs; this is just an initial interview to fact find about their clients’ occupational history and current issues. They will get a brief stem of a case.

The lab consists of:

  1.  Answer any initial questions, and potentially some role play with the lab instructor to show the students how you start initial interviews and gather information.
  2. Students pair and practice with each other (20 min interview, 5 min feedback and switch). During the practice, please help them to keep on track (time reminders), circulate and provide feedback, provide questions, etc.
  3. Do a re-group wrap to discuss the experience, questions, how did that go? Any questions? What was hardest? Easiest? Anything unexpected happen that you wanted to share? Surprises?

Please contact Heather if you’re interested in this opportunity.

Note: The course instructor will meet with the lab facilitators before the session to review activities and answer any questions.

Term 2 (January-April 2019)

Course: OCT1152Y: Musculoskeletal Structure & Function Perspectives in Occupational Therapy
Opportunity: Biomechanical/Clinical Skills Lab Assistants
Instructor:  Dr. Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia (behdin.nowrouzi.kia@utoronto.ca)
We are preparing for the Biomechanics course that will begin in January 2019.  Once again, we are looking for volunteer OTs to assist us with teaching labs in each of these courses. In the past, we have appreciated the assistance from many of our OT partners who have played a significant role in contributing to the education of our OT students. Volunteers can use these experiences to develop their own personal teaching and education goals.
Location:500 University Ave. (St. George/downtown campus) and 3359 Mississauga Rd (Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex (UTM campus). Lab rooms will vary and will be announced prior to labs.

  1. Goniometry
  2. Spine and Posture 1
  3. Spine and Posture 2
  4. Muscle Strength Testing  (please bring dynamometers and pinch gauges if possible)
  5. Clinical Skills – Consolidation of Goniometry and MMT skills (please bring dynamometers and pinch gauges if possible)
  6. Lower Extremity

Please contact Behdin if you’re interested in this opportunity.

Note: All labs are scheduled to include a 1 hour pre-lab meeting with the TA. During this time, the TA will review the lab material that will be reviewed during the lab.

Course: OCT1162Y: Mental Health  Foundations in Occupational Therapy
Opportunity: Facilitators for large and small groups
Instructor:  Prof. Bonnie Kirsh (bonnie.kirsh@utoronto.ca)

Dr. Kirsh is seeking facilitators for small and large groups with experience in mental health for labs including, but not limited to:

  1. Recovery
  2. Behavioural and Cognitive Behavioural Approaches in Mental Health
  3. Psychodynamic Approaches and Projective Art
  4. Group Dynamics
  5. Therapeutic Use of Self and Communication
  6. Workplace Mental Health

A more complete list of opportunities with dates is forthcoming.

Please contact Bonnie if you’re interested in helping out in the mental health foundations course.