Clinical Community & Continuing Education

Our department greatly values and relies upon the partnership with our clinical community. We are committed to fostering these collaborative relationships and partnerships. This section includes information on fieldwork, Professional Practice Leaders Network, and continuing education opportunities.

Status-Only Lecturer and Adjunct Appointments

The academic and research goals of the Department of OS&OT cannot be met without the participation of talented individuals from many institutions and agencies outside of the university. Status only and adjunct appointees augment the efforts and expertise of the full-time departmental faculty. We  seek appointees who:

  • maintain a high level of expertise and competence in their disciplines,
  • are skilled at communicating expertise to members of their respective disciplines and the broader health care community,
  • can stimulate, challenge and develop the scholarly and clinical capacity of students and,
  • contribute to the growth of the discipline by building the body of knowledge or advancing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of practice.

Further information and links to apply for a status-only lecturer or adjunct appointment is available on our Job Opportunities page. Applications are received from November to January each year.