Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown | MScOT Class of 2017

Danielle entered the MScOT program in 2015. Since then, she has been very active in the university community across campus and within the Department of OS&OT, where she is a member of the Research Committee.
As a member of the Research Committee, Danielle, along with some of her classmates, has created several short videos outlining aspects of the research related courses at OS&OT for the benefit of new and potential students. She has also worked with the committee to help spearhead the “Student Research Corner” for the department website.
We asked Danielle more about her time at the department.
Tell us what it was that attracted you to the OS&OT program at U of T.

I was drawn to pursuing a Master’s in occupational therapy as it seemed like a perfect way for me to combine my interests and background in science, as well as draw on my creativity and love for working with people. The program at U of T was particularly exciting to me considering the breadth of incredible placement and research opportunities available!
Do you have any specific areas of interest?

I came into this program with a passion for working with children, and particular interests in neurology and assistive technology. With that said, my placement experiences and courses thus far have sparked new interests in perhaps working with older adults and/or in mental health. I am doing my best to keep an open mind, and gain as much exposure as possible to different practice areas while I am still a student!
What have been some of the best aspects of being involved in the Research Committee?

As a first year OT student, I had a lot of questions pertaining to OS&OT research – in particular the student research projects. Through my involvement in the Research Committee, I have been able to work in a team to create resources, such as animated videos and the new Student Research Corner on the OT website, to help address these ambiguities for current and future OT students. It has been enjoyable to partake in creating these resources, as well as work with new people, and promote research activities at U of T!
Are you engaged in other activities?

At school, I am also a student member on the Community Relations Committee, and have volunteered as a tour guide and student mentor for incoming OT students. I have also recently been preparing for my next fieldwork placement in Kenya! Outside of school, I have been fortunate to work as a Rehabilitation Therapist at the organization where I did my first OT fieldwork placement – the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario. In this role, I work one-on-one with clients with brain injuries to implement PT and OT treatment plans. I am also a competitive dragon-boater as of this year!
What do you hope to do after graduating?

Whether in the short-run or the long-run, I would love to find a job working with children. Of course I will remain flexible and open-minded to whatever opportunities come my way! I would also consider working abroad for some time after I graduate!