Ashley Graham

OT Alumna Ashley Graham Wins Scientific Award

Ashley Graham’s (MScOT 2009) presentation, “Beyond survival: Developmental outcomes of young children post ventricular assist device support,” was a scientific award winner at the 2017 International Pediatric Transplant Association meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Ashley was the only allied health professional to win this award at this transdisciplinary conference. Ashley has been working at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, since she graduated from our program. Ashley and her colleagues have developed an innovative transdisciplinary therapy protocol for young children who are awaiting heart transplantation and are using a ventricular assist device (VAD). These children have challenges in establishing full oral feeding and developing new gross motor skills. These challenges are likely related to the mechanical presence of the VAD. Ashley described the protocol that her team have put into place and the successes and positive outcomes that they’ve had with it over time.

We congratulate Ashley on contributing to evidence-based practice in this highly specialized field and representing the OT profession so capably.