Departmental Committees

The functioning of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy is facilitated through the activities of five departmental committees that report to the Departmental Affairs Committee (DAC). Each of the five committees has student, core and status faculty representation.


Please let us know of your interest to participate in any of the committees, as community representative positions become available on occasion. Members of the Department’s clinical community can share their ideas and questions with any of the committees through the Committee Chairs. On occasion, committees may actively solicit community feedback through on-line surveys on issues related to curriculum, research or continuing education.


Professional Curriculum Committee

Chair: Deirdre Dawson /Barry Trentham (on leave)

The Professional Curriculum committee ensures that the Occupational Therapy curriculum is of the highest caliber, well planned, coordinated, implemented and evaluated. The curriculum aims to be internationally recognized and based on established educational principles and research. It is composed of core faculty, status-only faculty, a student representative from each year, and a consumer of OT services.

View the Professional Curriculum committee terms of reference.


Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Jill Stier

The overall vision for this committee is to promote the profession of OT to potential students and select the brightest and best students to our program. We will endeavour to ensure that students have a positive and rewarding experience in our program. This committee is responsible for, admissions and awards and student affairs such as recruitment, evaluation, marks and appeals process and student bursaries and awards.

View the Student Affairs Committee’s terms of reference.


Research Committee

Chair: Jill Cameron

The Research Committee provides mechanisms for individual faculty as well as the Department as a whole to achieve maximum potential in research activities.

View the Research Committee’s terms of reference.