Sylvia Langlois

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Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


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Sylvia Langlois is an Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy as well as the Faculty Lead, IPE Curriculum and Scholarship for the Centre for Interprofessional Education (CIPE). In the department, she coordinates the interprofessional component of the Building Practice through Mentorship course and is responsible for contributing to the creation of curriculum that builds interprofessional collaborative competencies. In her role at the CIPE, Sylvia is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the IPE curriculum offered to students from the eleven health profession programs at the University of Toronto. As well, she is involved in advancing assessment of collaborative competencies. Sylvia also has a keen interest in the development of collaborative competencies through engaging with the arts and humanities.

Sylvia has a passion for exploring, understanding and developing the role of patient/client educators in health profession education. Additionally, she is keenly interested in student engagement and leadership in curriculum development and evaluation.

Selected Recent Publications
  1. Rowland, P. Anderson, M., Kumagai, A., McMillan, S., Sandhu, V., Langlois, S. (2018). Patient involvement in health professions education: A meta-narrative review. Advances in Health Sciences Education, Early online.
  2. Langlois, S. & Gold, K. (2018). Promoting collaborative competencies: Using art and the humanities to enhance relational practice and teamwork. In Peterkin, A. & Skorzewska, A. (Eds). Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education.  Oxford University Press
  3. *Molley, S., Derochie, A., Teicher, J., Jethava, V., Nauth, S., Cockburn, L., Langlois, S. (2018). Patient experience in Health Professions Curriculum Development Journal of Patient Experience, Early online. doi: 10.1177/2374373518765795 
  4. Langlois, S., Teicher, J., Derochie, A., Molley, S., Nauth, S. & Jethava, V. (2017). Understanding partnerships with patients/clients in a team context through verbatim theatre. MedEd Portal, 13, 10625. doi: 15766/mep_2374-8265.10625
  5. Watt-Watson, J., Lax, L., Davies, R., Langlois, S., Oskarsson, J. & Raman-Wilms, L. (2017). The Pain Interprofessional Curriculum Design Model. Pain Medicine, 18(6), 1040-1048 doi: 10.1093/pm/pnw337.
  6. Langlois, S. (2016). Mapping current health professional curricula: Identifying common topics for an integrated interprofessional education curriculum. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, 5, 7-9. doi: 1016/j.xjep.2016.08.002
  7. Langlois, S. (2016). Developing an appreciation of patient safety: Analysis of interprofessional student experiences with health mentors. Perspectives in Medical Education, 5(2), 88-94. doi: 10.1007/s40037-016-0258-4.
Research Interests

Development of interprofessional collaborative competencies

Development of professionalism and reflective practice

Patient/client engagement in health profession education

Student engagement in curriculum

Special Lectures / Keynote Speeches
  1. Assessment of IPE. Federation of Pharmaceutical International. Webinar (July 2018)
  2. Pain Interprofessional Curriculum Design Workshop. (Nov 2014) Centre for Interprofessional Education and Centre for the Study of Pain. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Davies, R., Langlois, S., Lax, L., Mock, D., Oskarsson, J., Raman-Wilms, L., Stevens, B., Tumber, P. & Watt-Watson, J. Three day international workshop on the development of an interprofessional pain curriculum. (Nov. 2014)
  3. Learner and Clinician Interpretation of Collaboration in Interprofessional Competency Assessment. All Together Better Health. Auckland, New Zealand. Langlois, S., Brijmohan, A, Vardy, G., Childs, R.(Sept. 2018)
  4. Understanding patient engagement in health professions education: Implications for advancing patient engagement in IPE. All Together Better Health. Auckland, New Zealand. Langlois, S., Rowland, P. Kumagai, A., Anderson, M., McMillan, S., Sandhu, V. (Sept. 2018)
  5. Preparing Students to Lead: Results from a Student Facilitator Program. All Together Better Health. Auckland, New Zealand. Langlois, S., Lising, D., Bartlett, S.(Sept 2018)
  6. Educating Health Professionals in Interprofessional Collaboration. University of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Langlois, S, Sinclair, S, Lowe, M. 3 Day Workshop. (April 2015)
  7. Exploring student perceptions when learning about patient/client partnerships with patient educators. All Together Better Health. Auckland, New Zealand. Langlois, S. Mehra, K. (Sept 2018)