Status-Only & Adjunct Appointments

Applications for status only and adjunct appointments are submitted through the Faculty of Medicine. Information about the types of appointments and application instructions is available here.

Information on the requirements and process of applying for Rehabilitation Sector Status-Only and Adjunct Lecturer positions can be downloaded for your reference: Applying for Status Only or Adjunct Appointments.

Applications for Lecturer and Adjunct appointments will be accepted until January 15, 2018 for new appointments, and January 31, 2018 for appointment renewals.

Please contact Sandra Sokoloff (416.978.2766 or for information on applying for status only professoriate appointments.

Current Status Only & Adjunct Appointments:

First NameLast NameCurrent RankHospital Affilation
RhonaFeldt-SteinAdjunct: LecturerYork Paediatric Therapy Services Inc
SabrinaChaganiAdjunct: LecturerWorkplace Safety and Insurance Board -WSIB
JanetGleasonAdjunct: LecturerWorkplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
Lydia DawnLawrenceLecturerWomen's College Hospital
ToddTranLecturerWomen's College Hospital
HeatherMcPhersonAdjunct: LecturerWomen's College Hospital
AzeenaRatansiLecturerWomen's College Hospital
AndreaSadlerLecturerWomen's College Hospital
JulieGirouxLecturerWomen's College Hospital
JenniferSantosAdjunct: LecturerWilliam Osler Health System - Brampton Civic Hospital
JoannaJohnstonLecturerWest Park Healthcare Centre
MelissaMonardoLecturerWest Park Healthcare Centre
KimberleyDayLecturerWest Park Healthcare Centre
TizianaBontempoLecturerWest Park Healthcare Centre
IlanaRubensteinAdjunct: LecturerWaterStone Clinic for Eating Disorders
BettyYuAdjunct: LecturerVHA Rehab Solutions -VHA Home Health Care
GillianBarrieAdjunct: LecturerVHA Rehab Solutions - VHA Home Healthe Care
JuliaFosterAdjunct: LecturerVHA Rehab Solutions
JasonFerreiraAdjunct: LecturerVHA Rehab Solutions
GuylaineLe DorzeAssoc ProfessorUniversity de Montreal
JanetNjelesani (nee Hay)Adjunct: LecturerUNICEF, New York
EdithNgLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
AlisonHaLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
AndreaBlakeLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
MelanieKokotowLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
JenniferIrelandLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
StephanieRossLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
NykemaWrightLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
LaurenSchwartzLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
CynthiaPerryLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
SusanCurrieLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
PoojaKumarLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
AlisonNovakAsst ProfessorUHN - TRI -The University Centre
Amanda MandyLoweAsst ProfessorUHN - TRI -The University Centre
RhonaAndersonLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
PaulaSzetoLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
Nataie C HPaananen ( Reid)LecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
Radfordde PeizaLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
MichelleDiLauroLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
AlisonLakeLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
DebbieHebertAssoc ProfessorUHN - TRI -The University Centre
BrendaDoreyLecturerUHN - TRI -The University Centre
BronwenMooreLecturerUHN - TRI -The Rumsey Centre
LoriCurgenvenLecturerUHN - TRI -The Rumsey Centre
LynnDaviesLecturerUHN - TRI -The Queen Elizabeth Centre -E.W. Bickle Cntr
LizaCulliganLecturerUHN - TRI -The Queen Elizabeth Centre
AngelaKamLecturerUHN - TRI -The Queen Elizabeth Centre
AnitaSalehounLecturerUHN - TRI -The Lyndhurst Centre
Hala HollyAssafLecturerUHN - TRI -The Lyndhurst Centre
JenniferHolmesLecturerUHN - TRI -The Lyndhurst Centre
CarrieMizzoniLecturerUHN - TRI -The Lyndhurst Centre
CarolScovilLecturerUHN - TRI -The Lyndhurst Centre
JoanneKwongLecturerUHN - TRI -The Hillcrest Centre
SusieRothmanLecturerUHN - TRI -The Hillcrest Centre
JenniferSoongLecturerUHN - TRI -The Hillcrest Centre
KarenAzavedoLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
JameelaLencuchaLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
KyleAnsteyAsst ProfessorUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
AndreaDyrkaczLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
KaraMachadoLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
KauserTarbhaiLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
BalaMadhuLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
VickyCheungLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
HeatherSlomanLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
TamBuiLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
AndreaRabiewskyLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
FatimaQuraishiLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
JoannaRodomarLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
LornaAitkensLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
SukainaJaganiLecturerUHN - Toronto Western Hospital
AndreaEtheringtonAdjunct: LecturerUHN - Toronto Rehab Institute
KatherineGovereauLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
SharonOcampo-ChanAdjunct: LecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
NavdeepKhanguraLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
SusanHannahLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
ArleeSchwartzLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
KelliYoungLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
PaulaRowlandAsst ProfessorUHN - Toronto General Hospital
NazaninNourhaghighiLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
KristinaGlofcheskiLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
LonitaMakLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
MichalGoldreichLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
LizetteAlexanderLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
AlexisSeamanLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
HadassahRaisLecturerUHN - Toronto General Hospital
LyndseyDeSouzaLecturerUHN - Princess Margaret Hospital
StephaniePhanLecturerUHN - Princess Margaret Hospital
AnneMcKyeLecturerTrillium - Queensway Health Centre
GeorginaKrillis (now Corsianos)LecturerTrillium - Mississauga Hospital
MelanieBlakeLecturerTrillium - Mississauga Hospital
ElizabethMansfieldAsst ProfessorTrillium - Mississauga Hospital
PaulFurtadoLecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
LizaPainLecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
NinaMunirLecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
CarissaGregorioLecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
SarahDodds (Caughy)LecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
MyraDel RosarioLecturerTrillium - Credit Valley Hospital
DeanHendersonLecturerTrillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Hospital
RowenaMaclureAdjunct: LecturerToronto District School Board
SusanChmelnitskyAdjunct: LecturerToronto Central Community Care Access Centre
AmandaElliottLecturerThe Scarborough Hospital - General Div.
LindaSadvariLecturerSurrey Place Centre
DianneCironeLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre-St. John's Rehab
KateCharbonneauLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre-St. John's Rehab
SanderHitzigAsst ProfessorSunnybrook Health Science Centre-St. John's Rehab
SiobhanDonaghyLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre-St. John's Rehab
MichelleKroesenLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre-St. John's Rehab
DeborahShoreLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
TukataLinLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
RachelDaviesLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
LorraineFairbloomLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
NatashaStekelLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
FilomenaDe MedeirosLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
NadiaAbdel-HafezLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
MaryClarkeLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JonathanLoLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
LauraCooper KrukLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
MarciRoseLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
Myrene MercerinaLychekLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
PatriciaDicksonLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
EdithGagnonLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
MikaYoshikawaLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
LeslieGibsonLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
ElizabethLinkewichLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
Stephanie MHornerLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
ColleenKuhlmannLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
KristenRobertsLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JessicaBotelhoLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
FarahHabibLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
VivianYeeLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JamesHuthAdjunct: LecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
LynneDowneyLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
LaurenSacksLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JenniferMoebsLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JuliaCzyzoLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
SarahSidneyLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
KellyReisLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
IsabellaChengLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
CathrynEdmondsLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
EstellaTseLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
JoyceFetrosLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
EliseGoldbergLecturerSunnybrook Health Science Centre
AlisonBarkerLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
MelissaHeidebrechtLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
ChristyPicklesLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
LoriWhelanLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
MaureenRileyLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
PilarGomezLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
HarshaBabaniLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
CeciliaWanLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
LauraShapiroLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
Erin EChanLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
JaneTopolovec-VranicAsst ProfessorSt. Michael's Hospital
LisaVandewaterLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
DorcasBeatonAssoc ProfessorSt. Michael's Hospital
HeatherMcDonaldLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
IsabelFryszbergLecturerSt. Michael's Hospital
AntoinetteKrakovskyLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre - Mount Sinai
SusanEllisLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
MarieEason KlattLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
GraceJokinenLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
ColleenGoodLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
AnnaStekarLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
ElizabethMcLaneyLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
GitaLakhanpalLecturerSt. Joseph's Health Centre
KevinReelAsst ProfessorSouth Lake Regional Health Centre
LornaBainLecturerSouth Lake Regional Health Centre
RuheenaSangrarLecturerSouth Lake Regional Health Centre
AndreaMcKellarLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai - Bridgepoint
AngelaWongLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
JenniferCarrLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
ShonaSenLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
VivienLamLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
KarenHayeemsLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
SeemaZerafaLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
CarolynAlmaLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
SharonCurrieLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
KatherineMcQuaid-BasconLecturerSinai Health System - Mount Sinai
RichardKellowanLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
SandyDuncanLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
NatalieRennieLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
KennethSoLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
MeridithMcClenaghanLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
JaniceHonLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
MoniqueLynLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
ManuelaOcrainschiLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
LesleyCollinsLecturerSinai Health System - Bridgepoint
JacquelineMartinAdjunct: LecturerSilver Creek Pre-School
ClaudiaBlumbergerAdjunct: LecturerSeneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
GoliHashemiAdjunct: LecturerSamuel Merritt University and Preffered Healthcare
SoniaAndersonLecturerRouge Valley Health - Centenary Site
FarahKassamLecturerRouge Valley Health - Centenary Site
BarbaraBaptisteAdjunct: LecturerRehabilitation Management Inc.
MaranathaJoosAdjunct: LecturerReach Therapy Services
JenniePopplowAdjunct: LecturerQueen Square Family Health Team
JenniferShaverLecturerProvidence Healthcare
JenniferJoachimidesLecturerProvidence Healthcare
PammyYuenLecturerProvidence Healthcare
JessicaCaseyLecturerProvidence Healthcare
RachelDevittLecturerProvidence Healthcare
AndrewLinLecturerProvidence Healthcare
CherylTanakaLecturerProvidence Healthcare
FannyLingLecturerProvidence Healthcare
KarenKimLecturerProvidence Healthcare
YolandaAroneLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
VolkerBrandtLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
HeatherBoudreauLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
SophieWongLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
RamaArora-PersaudLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
WandaHuntingtonLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
DeidreArbourLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
ChantalWongLecturerOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
ArleneAstellAssoc ProfessorOnt. Shores Centre-Mental Health Science
CarolynLemskyAdjunct: LecturerOffice-Based Physician
BeverleyWilsonAdjunct: LecturerOccupational Mindset
RehanaHirjiLecturerNorth York General Hospital
DaphneFlattLecturerNorth York General Hospital
KristinaTocekLecturerNorth York General Hospital
ElyseShumwayAdjunct: LecturerNeuro-Rehabilitation Consultants, Feldman and Associates, Inc.
MarlaPosenAdjunct: LecturerMinistry of Health (CCAC)
AnnaTangAdjunct: LecturerMinistry of Attorney General
MathewRoseAdjunct: LecturerMathew Rose & Associates
MellisaWintLecturerIntact Insurance Company
IrisGreenspoonAdjunct: LecturerIndependent
IreneVrckovnikAdjunct: LecturerI.V. League of Occupational Therapists
JulieParkLecturerHumber River Hospital - Finch Ave
JyotiSeyanLecturerHumber River Hospital - Church St
CarlyMutchLecturerHospital for Sick Children
KathleenTurnerLecturerHospital for Sick Children
Marion AlaineRogersLecturerHospital for Sick Children
AshleyGrahamLecturerHospital for Sick Children
SandySpenceLecturerHospital for Sick Children
YumikoHaoLecturerHospital for Sick Children
MaggieHarknessLecturerHospital for Sick Children
DanaSequeiraLecturerHospital for Sick Children
LisaLazzarottoLecturerHospital for Sick Children
SharonSamaanLecturerHospital for Sick Children
LisaHoffmanLecturerHospital for Sick Children
JoanVertesLecturerHospital for Sick Children
ShernaMarcusLecturerHospital for Sick Children
SuzanneBretonLecturerHospital for Sick Children
LoriBurtonLecturerHospital for Sick Children
SandySteinwenderLecturerHospital for Sick Children
LauraFranksLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JulieChiba BransonLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MeelanLee ChongLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SalmaKassamLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
RebeccaYeomanLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MarthaPilkingtonLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SophieLam-DamjiLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
LisaArteroLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
AndreaHoffmanLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JanetWoodhouseLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
BettyChanLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SallyLindsayAssoc ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Christie LRaffaeleLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Mary-BethSophianopoulosLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
ShaunaKingsnorthAsst ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
LoriHowellLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
NicholasReedAsst ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
ElaineWidgettLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
LauraHowson-StrongLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
NadiaNiles-CampbellLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Anne MarieRenzoniLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
GillianKingAssoc ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Nicole ALapradeLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
ChristieWelchLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
ShawnaWadeLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MarilynRobertazziLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SusanMcllwainLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
TrishGeislerLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
DarleneHubleyLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
YvonneNgLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MonaLeeLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JessicaVotrubaLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
LindaFayLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MoiraPenaLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
AnneHuntAsst ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
StephenRyanAssoc ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Freda Suk-TingVaneLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
CarolynMcDougallLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
RebeccaVanderBurghLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SheriMcClementLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
Megan HelenMcCarron (Lynch)LecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SarahDavidsonLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JanetBernstein (nee Glazier)LecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
MichelleKeightleyAssoc ProfessorHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
LauraThompsonLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
HeidiSchwellnusLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JenniferMaysLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
SimminKassamLecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitatn Hosp
JoanneMaxwellAdjunct: LecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
SerenaShastri-EstradaAdjunct: LecturerHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
MichaelIwamaAdjunct Porfessor Georgia Regents University
Robert HKuligAdjunct: LecturerGalit Liffshiz & Associates
HeidiIvkovic (Resznick)Adjunct: LecturerFunctionalAbility Rehabilitation Services
GenevieveBernardoAdjunct: LecturerFunctionAbility Rehabilitation Services
JenniferShinAdjunct: LecturerFour Villages Community Health Centre
TanyaGlencross-EimantasAdjunct: LecturerErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development - Torbram Site
AnneCooperworsnopAdjunct: LecturerErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development
ShellyVaisbergAdjunct: LecturerEntwistle Power Occupational Therapy
MiraEtlin-SteinAdjunct: LecturerDream Weavers - The Centre for Social Innovation Annex
AmandaLandryAdjunct: LecturerDream Weavers - The Centre for Social Innovation Annex
SylviaHaycock (nee Coates)Adjunct: LecturerComples Injury Rehab, Inc
(Amee) KhoaLeAdjunct: LecturerCommunity Head Injury Resources Services of Toronto (CHIRS)
TanyaPoonAdjunct: LecturerCommunity Care Access Centre - Toronto Central
EmmaHicksLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
KaitlynLeeLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
AnnaChoulsky (nee Khleborob)LecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
MarciaHopcraftLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
FazilehMirhadiLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
HrichaRakshitLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
Raquel SWilliamsLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
SandeepMarwahaLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
TrentCoppLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
AvelinoMaranan, JrLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
AmandaDamLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
BirajKhoslaLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
DonnaPfeferLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
MatthewTsudaLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
EricQuanLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
EbonySt. RoseLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
LisaVan der laanLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
KimberlyMullensLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
ThomasDomjancicLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
JohnSpavorAdjunct: LecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
ErinLymerLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
LauraHayosLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
NicoleBartlettLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
EmilyWebbLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
WafaChaudharyLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
Chau SheungWongLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Queen St
TaraPearceyLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-DonwoodC
Catherine(Carrie)ClarkAsst ProfessorCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Clarke
ZahraJamalLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Clarke
SarahBromleyLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Clarke
TaraLaingLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Clarke
JeniferKimLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-Clarke
NatalieYiuLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
EleanorMablyLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
Joy-AnnPerry (Fahie)LecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
AndreaPerryLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
AnushkaDarko-MensahLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
GinaOadesLecturerCentre for Addiction & Mental Health-ARF
AmieTsangAdjunct: LecturerCanadian Mental Health Association - Toronto Branch
TracyMilnerAdjunct: LecturerBrainFx and Complex Injury Rehab
NancyLinAdjunct: LecturerBaycrest
SylviaDavidsonAdjunct: LecturerBaycrest
PearlGryfeAdjunct: LecturerAssistive Technology Consultants Inc